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Sunday 12 October 2008

VIDEO: Out Takes Film Fest’s lesbian adventures

Posted in: Movies
By Reel Queer - 16th May 2007

Gorgeous gals, classic cowgirls, transgender tales, queer comics, and a feast of foreign film… yes, the Out Takes Film Festival is back!

There's a great line up for women this year including the nine-time festival award winner The Gymnast. A former elite gymnast, confronted with age and infertility, searches to give her life new meaning. Caught between an over-bearing husband and a possessive former team-mate, she finds escape in a Cirque De Soleil-style aerial act - and in the arms of another…

With its positive depictions of lesbian desire, The Journey is a first for Indian cinema. Two women lead inseparable lives until one develops desires for her friend. Afraid to jeopardise their relationship, she struggles to conceal her feelings…

The beautiful Taiwanese film Spider Lilies has become a worldwide success. When cybersex web cam girl Jade, visits tattoo artist Takeko's studio, she becomes entranced with the image of the spider lily - and with Takeko as well…

If you liked D.E.B.S, then Itty Bitty Titty Committee is not to be missed and comes with rave reviews. Dumped by her girlfriend and without a place in college, Anna lives at home and works in a plastic surgeon's office. Seriously unfulfilled, she is reduced to thinking that a new girlfriend or even a pair of new breasts might make life more bearable. So it's a stroke of luck that foxy punk-feminist Sadie, leader of the CIA (Clits in Action), chooses Anna's place of work for a spot of direct action…

And that's not all - check the official Out Takes 2007 website at the link below for details of plenty more lesbian adventures at the festival. The disturbing Electroshock will leave you appreciating the freedoms we've gained and the feature length documentary Female to Femme will get you talking about lesbian identities.

Interspersed with uplifting, challenging and entertaining documentaries on gay marriage, comics, queer identity and queer Christians - not to mention a mockumentary porno and a reclaimed and recompiled sexploitation doco - OUT Takes 2007 will certainly be memorable!
Reel Queer - 16th May 2007