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True Stories
Who says romance is dead?
By Matt Akersten
14th July 2007 - 02:42 pm

Once again we've canvassed our readers for stories… and you didn't let us down. The big question: "What's the most romantic thing a partner/lover has ever done for you?"

The winner got a big pack of Durex goodies – and we gave extra Durex products to a few other random entries. Right, let's get started. Softies out there get your tissues ready – and cynics get your sick bags out!

Should we get the racy ones out of the way first? There were lots of passionate kisses, foot massages, and these: "Just cuddle me, I love cuddles". Lots of different sexual acts got a mention too. "Gave me a blowjob" was a favourite, and it progressed from there, creatively: "Gift wrapped himself and his member as a valentine's breakfast."

"He ever so gently slipped on a condom on me while we were both in a sleeping bag on top of Mt Hutt," a careful camper typed.

Someone more cynical wrote: "Stayed awake during sex and remembered my name."

Another entry told us about their first manlove experience: "My crush which had a crush on me – neither of us knew it was both ways and didn't have the courage to do anything – in high school asked me to the movies. I thought it was just between mates but he started rubbing by leg. I couldn't believe this hot guy was coming on to me. We started making out –both our first gay experience. After, we went back to his house where we watched some gay porn and made out. After a while we moved to the bedroom and had our first gay fuck, we laid in each others arms for the rest of the night. In the morning he made me breakfast in bed and we showered afterwards. It's not really the most romantic thing in the world but for my first experience it was freakin' amazing."


Yeah, there were lots of different food items mentioned… it seems it's true the way to your admired ones' heart is through their stomach!

Breakfast: "Got up at 8am on Saturday to walk 3kms (each way) to New World to buy coffee, cereal, etc, and make me breakfast in bed. I didn't even know until I woke up."

Lunch: Bought me lunch at work - we went out to the side of the avon for a picnic meal. Arrived home to a cooked meal, and a bath for two with aromatherapy oils and rose petals.

Snack: "Carried from the Czech Republic to NZ a giant iced gingerbread heart, with the words "for my love" inscribed on it in Czech. An unexpected surprise that melted my heart and I'll never eat it."

Dinner: For my birthday I was taken to the Sky restaurant, up the Sky Tower - the bestest night ever from my partner, just the start of a great night.

Drink: "Made me a cup of hot chocolate during our first meet".

More dinner: "Most romantic thing my lover has ever done for me was to cook me dinner and pack it up all while I was at work (dairy farm) and he met me in the paddock when I was taking cows back, was on the verge of darkness, and he had set out on the back of our Ute dinner, my favourite too: chilli chicken stew with rice, wine and cheesecake. It was the best thing he ever done for me, right then I knew I was truly loved and I felt special. Special enough to show the cows a midnight special, LOL."

Dessert: "Surprised me with a homemade birthday cake on my birthday."

Supper: "Making me hot soup when I was in bed sick."

And after: "Booked me a night at the Hilton Hotel on the waterfront, with champagne."


"Give me a big bunch of flowers" was a popular one! Also: "Sent flowers to my work without any notice... it was really nice and sweet!"

Other great gifts included:

A party: "The most romantic thing a lover has ever done for me is surprise me with a party aboard a big sailing vessel, the guests all arrayed in feathers, for my birthday!"

Needlework: "Did a cross stitch asking me to marry him."

Regular long distance packages: "Sending me little gift surprises in the mail while he's been overseas."

A holiday: "Taking me on a surprise trip to Melbourne with opening night tickets to Miss Saigon."

An animal: "Bought a puppy for my birthday gift, and its my dream dog – a West Highland white terrier."

And file under ‘Random': "Bought me a concrete mixer for xmas but when I opened the box it had a statue of David in it."


We got lots more amazing stories that made us gush! Enjoy…

Petals and candles: "My partner organised the best romantic night. It started off with me arriving home to find this beautiful dinner set at a table with rose petals and candles everywhere. I then got given a lovely gift and a card. After dinner we ventured up stairs to the bedroom where I found the bed covered in rose petals all ready for us to mess up. All this just to remind me how much he loves me."

The Pianist: "Once an ex played the piano and serenaded me. It was quite a surprise! The song was a bit cliché, but it was still romantic and different. I felt like I was in a Meg Ryan film, and I started to laugh (naughty me!)."

Blood pressure: "When recovering from eye surgery my partner was the first person I saw. He had asked the nurse if he could take my vital signs and as he is a nurse they agreed. So when I come to he was taking my blood pressure."

Theft: "My partner wrote in a Valentine's Day card "You stole my heart, Please keep it safe" even though its just words it meant so much to me."

More candles: "Well, maybe a cliché, but I had someone light the whole room with candles. There were so many, the large one and all the little t-light candles (normally he just lit up a couple). I was so taken by him that night. Needless to say, I've loved candles ever since."

Kind words: "Told me "I like you because you are you, not because you give good head, or because you look after me, it's all those things but really, can't you just accept that whatever faults you think you have, I like them too, I like ALL of you". I really needed it at the time."

Long drive: "My lover drove all the way from Wellington to Auckland to surprise me at work. I hadn't seen her for about 2 weeks. She drove all that way and had to be back in Wellington the next day. We got to see each other for about 6 hours before she headed home."

And: "Simple,
He looked at me, with love in his eyes, and said.
"I love you"
I knew he meant it. It was special."


Congrats to Rex. Here's his story – we thought it was a deserving winner.

"The most romantic and loving thing my lover ever did for me was to take my breath away, love me and tell me how he loved me and made sure that I was adored, cherished, worshipped and treated like a true person and shower me with gifts, little stems of roses and carnations at times, and hold my hand and squeeze it in public when he felt that much closer to me no matter who looked and gave me the tender kiss.
Affection is lost now and intimacy seems to have gone, this is extremely romantic and loving and caring and for one chap to do for another, in public. Thankyou."

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