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Thursday 09 October 2008

 Review: A Beth Ditto revival
Posted in: Music  10th December 2007
"This is a love song for homos," comes the southern drawl. "But straight, you can relate - right?"

 t.A.T.u. - "They wailed like sexually frustrated Barbies"
Posted in: Music  20th October 2007
In 2003, the Russian duo Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova of t.A.T.u. lauched post-Soviet schoolgirl lesbian chic onto the world market.

 Review: The NZSO's Wagner in Concert
Posted in: Performance, Music  14th September 2007
"Wagner was a changer, a revolutionary, a veritable Tsunami which swept all in its path away and left forever a changed landscape in Western music."

 ‘20th Century GALS’ in concert
Posted in: Music  25th June 2007
A musical journey through the 20th Century provided the audience with a good nostalgic wallow.

 Time flies with Ak's Gay and Lesbian Singers
Posted in: Music  21st June 2007
Since Heather McDowell joined GALS almost twelve years ago she's sung the schmaltzy & the serious, the camp & the cute, the frivolous & the fun.

 CD Review: GALS Greatest Hits
Posted in: Music  26th May 2007
“The Gay and Lesbian Singers are the only choir of their kind in the country. They are amateurs in the strictest sense – those who do something for the love of it with no hope of financial reward.

 Meeting the Pet Shop Boys
Posted in: Music  3rd April 2007
A night to remember for Matt Fleet of Christchurch, winner of the NZAF's charity auction of an opportunity to meet the Pet Shop Boys.

 The Pinball Wizard turns 60
Posted in: Music  19th March 2007
When it comes to celebrating, he tradionally favours the approach of his friend Liz Hurley: do it, then do it again, and again... But, at age 60, is Sir Elton John slowing down at last?

 Rockstar Supernova star tours New Zealand
Posted in: Music  25th February 2007
“My lesbian friends in NZ will hear music and lyrics they’ll totally relate to,” says visiting Rockstar Supernova finalist Patrice Pike.

 Boy George – Boy Wonder
Posted in: Music  21st February 2007
Before arriving in NZ, the gay pop culture icon chatted about YouTube, reggae, gay culture, divas and his drug arrest punishment: “I don’t look good in orange.”