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Thursday 09 October 2008

 DNA profiling, homicide and hate crimes
Posted in: Features  2nd September 2007
DNA sampling is a godsend at a crime scene investigation, such as aggravated assault in the context of hate crime or homicide. So why does it sometimes go wrong?

 Mormons and LGBT Issues
Posted in: Features  31st August 2007
In New Zealand, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints hasn't been a frontline opponent of LGBT rights. Not so in the United States, however.

 Gaia and Her Children: Wicca and LGBT Rights
Posted in: Features  26th August 2007
Is Wicca the perfect spiritual pathway for women? For lesbians and gay men? In investigating this, we need to take account of social change and spirituality.

 "Fuck off, I'm gay": the politics of Sir Ian McKellen
Posted in: Features, People  24th August 2007
The out and proud actor, only the second openly gay man to be knighted in British history, discusses his motivation for standing up to injustice.

 The provocation defence in criminal law
Posted in: Features  24th August 2007
The levels of violence against New Zealand gay, lesbian and transpeople must not be allowed to continue, says gay MP Charles Chauvel.

 Jeffrey Dahmer: Gay Serial Killer
Posted in: Features, Television  23rd August 2007
TVNZ is about to screen a doco about Jeffrey Dahmer, the gay American serial killer. What sense can we make out of his murderous, sad existence and violent life?

 Tim Barnett: Time for reflection
Posted in: Features  10th August 2007
"In November this year, my partner Ramon Maniapoto and I will be celebrating our civil union. Ours will be civil union #1150 or so since the first in April 2005."

 History: The Problem with William...
Posted in: Features  1st August 2007
The Society for the Promotion of Community Standards is enthusing about antislavery campaigner William Wilberforce. Is this defying all logic, or is it the result of selective history?

 Buddhism: Traversing the Mountain Path
Posted in: Features  1st August 2007
Buddhism is now the second largest organised faith in New Zealand behind Christianity. How receptive and inclusive is it when it comes to LGBT participants?

 An Inclusive Islam?
Posted in: Features  27th July 2007
Recently, Jeff Whittaker published an interesting in-depth look at the lives of LGBT Muslims, which raised some provocative questions about the existence of an inclusive Islam.

 History: Heliogabalus, the Sun Queen of Rome
Posted in: Features  25th July 2007
Heliogabalus (204-218 CE) only reigned for four years as Roman Emperor. He was a gay transvestite, may have been a proto-transsexual, and a sun worshipper. He lived fast and died young.

 Obituary: Tammy Faye Messner (1942-2007)
Posted in: Features  25th July 2007
Messner, 65, died on Friday after a long battle with cancer. On American Christian TV, she reached out to gay men with AIDS at a time when Ronald Reagan refused to even mention the disease.

 Spiritualism and LGBT People
Posted in: Features  17th July 2007
At a time when orthodox religion was conservative and male dominated, spiritualism offered a haven for those with feminist, antislavery and leftist politics in the 19th century. What about us, however?

 Traumatic Head Injury and Hate Crime
Posted in: Features  13th July 2007
Traumatic head injury in past anti-gay hate crimes, why was the defence of provocation allowed, and why did one case result in acquittal of the accused?

 Maryan Street: ‘Walking the Talk’
Posted in: Features  24th June 2007
“This was a moment to put our money where our mouths are…” Maryan Street MP hopes you'll follow the Rainbow Labour MPs' example of community support.