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Thursday 09 October 2008

 "My night at an orgy"
Posted in: True Stories  4th May 2007
A reader gets an intriguing message on his internet dating profile... and decides to pluck up all his courage and head into a wild time.

 A (Kiwi!) diver's coming out story
Posted in: True Stories  20th April 2007
Simon Latimer hits the front page of this week: "I wish that more gay men would come out in all sports. There should be thousands of role models."

 The ten rules for managing open relationships
Posted in: True Stories, Safe Sex  15th April 2007
Having more than one guy or girl on the go at once needn’t be a drama… JACK magazine editor David Herkt shares his hints for non-monogamous relationships.

 Peter Taylor – Ticking along nicely
Posted in: People, True Stories  5th April 2007
“People could look at my situation and be a bit overwhelmed. I’m blind, deaf, and terminally ill, but feel enormously privileged with a huge sense of peace, and enormous joy.”

 A Kiwi experience - Far from home, and finding herself
Posted in: True Stories  20th March 2007
“As a gay person coming to New Zealand, I’ve never felt so free and confident. I’m going to go home now with a new-found pride in myself.”

 Georgina Beyer – Goodbye Beehive, Hello Spotlight!
Posted in: Features, True Stories  18th February 2007
Our very own world-famous transsexual politician Georgina Beyer has left Parliament and is hopping straight into a starring role on stage. UPDATE: SHOW CANCELLED!

 Think you’re Takataapui? Ask your Auntie…
Posted in: True Stories  2nd February 2007
“Being gay has become flavour of the bloody month!” Maori Television agony aunt Mabel Wharekawa-Burt tells us.

 Georgina Beyer: The woman behind the politician
Posted in: Features, True Stories  5th January 2007
Everyone's favourite dancing tranny MP discusses weight loss, her new look, loneliness, and tearfully reveals the debt she hopes she's repaid to the gay community.

 Hooking up on the net
Posted in: True Stories  12th December 2006
Ten New Zealand guys told us their favourite stories of good, bad and downright scary experiences in their quest to find love and sex online.

 School's Out! - Peer Sexuality Support at Rosehill College
Posted in: True Stories  6th December 2006
Rosehill College in South Auckland is leading the way in support for same-sex attracted young people. Student Support Councilor Janet Milne tells us what’s happening, and why it’s essential.

 Diving star in net sex shocker!
Posted in: True Stories, Safe Sex  30th November 2006
'Out Games' Kiwi gold medal-winning diver Simon Latimer has ditched his Speedos for an eye-catching new website featuring him in action 'going all the way' with a guy.

 New gay deacon - "making a meaningful contribution"
Posted in: Features, True Stories  7th November 2006
Despite conservative protests and media scrutiny, Juan Kinnear was ordained in Dunedin on Saturday. The new Anglican deacon declined newspaper interviews, but was happy to chat with

 Coming out to your parents
Posted in: True Stories  29th October 2006
Ten gay and lesbian New Zealanders remember when they came out to their mums and dads.

 “I believe my alcoholism began at birth”
Posted in: True Stories  27th October 2006
When gay people socialise, it’s most often around alcohol. But this can present a problem for some New Zealanders. Andrew Thiele shares his story of addiction and the road to recovery.

 Happy Diwali – the Indian Festival of Lights
Posted in: True Stories  22nd October 2006
Sanjay Dayal, 20, has just led his dance troupe to victory at the Diwali Festival of Lights in Auckland. “I didn’t know of any other gay Indians when I came out,” he tells