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205 online acronyms explained
By Matt Akersten
11th June 2008 - 03:59 pm

We often get asked what certain letters and words mean when people are chatting online or looking at dating profiles… so by popular demand, here they are in a handy 'print out and keep' (or at least add to your favourite links) guide.

This is a list of the most frequently-used acronyms and particularly unique words people use when making internet connections with people. You're bound to already know quite a few of them, and we hope there'll be others you haven't seen before. We've also included a few funny ones. Of course, no list like this can be exhaustive - there's bound to be many more that we aren't aware of, so let us know of the ones you think of via's Forum, linked below this article, and we can add them in.

Here we go with the list then, but first a tiny word of caution. Certain acronyms can falsely imply safety in unsafe situations. For instance, some might lead you to assume that unsafe sex will be OK... a bad move. We have highlighted these misleading entries in blue and linked them to the Assume Nothing safe sex info site, where you'll find frank information on this topic.

Good luck and we hope you find what you're looking for in this crazy online world of ours…

1-2-1 One-to-one

3-S Threesome

Addy Address

AEA All Emails Answered

AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned

A/G/L, A/S/L Age/Gender/Location, or Age/Sex/Location

ALBA Auckland Lesbian Business Association

AKA Also Known As

AS Anal Sex

ASAP As Soon As Possible

ATM At The Moment

AWOL Absent WithOut Leave

AYOR At Your Own Risk

B&S Bait and Switch (luring 'em in with a hot picture… which doesn't match what you actually look like)

B4 Before

BB Barebacking - Sex without condoms

BBS Be Back Soon

BDSM Bondage, Discipline/Domination, Sadism/Submission, and Masochism or Sadomasochism (remember to nominate a 'safety word'!)

BAF, BWM Bisexual Asian Female, Bisexual White Male (etc)

BBW Big & Beautiful Woman

Bear Older, possibly hairy and/or large guy

Bebo Popular Social Networking website

BF Boyfriend, Booking Fee for an event

Bi Bisexual

BJ Blow Job (Oral sex)

BL Buddy List (on a chat platform or networking website)

BOBFOC Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch

BOP Bay Of Plenty

BOT Back On Topic

Bottom Passive partner

BRB Be Right Back

BTW By The Way

C&BT Cock and Ball Torture

CBF Can't Be Fucked

CD Cross-Dresser

CL Cunnilingus

Clean Drug/Disease Free

CP Corporal Punishment

CPL Couple

CR Cock Ring

C2C, CTC Cam-To-Cam

CTFU Crack The Fuck Up

CTYL Chat To You Later

CU See you

Cut/Uncut Circumcised/Uncircumcised

Daddy Older guy

Dak Marijuana

DDF Drug/Disease Free

DIAF Die In A Fire (gaming slang)

DIY Do It Yourself (Mutual masturbation)

DNA Popular Australian gay magazine

DK, DQ Drag King, Drag Queen

DOB Dyke On Bike

Dom Dominant

DR Dark Room

DTE Down To Earth

DW Don't Worry

E Ecstasy

EG Easy Going

EM E-Mail

EZ Easy

F2F Face to Face

FB Facebook, or Fuck-Buddy - regular sex partner, but no 'relationship'

Fem Feminine

FF Fist Fucking/Fisting

FFS For Fuck's Sake

F/S Friendship

F/T Full-Time

FtM Female to Male transgender

FTW, FTMFW For The Win, For The MotherFucking Win

FU Fuck Off

FYI For Your Information

G2G Girl-To-Girl

GABA Gay Auckland Business Association

GC Good Cook

GF Girlfriend

GL Good Looking

GLBT Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender

GS Golden Showers (Piss play), or Group Sex (might be best to check which with this one!)

GSOH Good Sense of Humour

GTG Got To Go

GAC Get A Clue

GAM, GWF Gay Asian Male, Gay White Female (etc)

GTFO Get The Fuck Out

Hep A, Hep B, Hep C Hepatitis (click for more information)

Hero Auckland's LGBT Festival (held each February)

HNG Horny Net Geek

HWP Height/Weight Proportional

IAWTC I Agree With That Comment

ICQ I Seek You (chat platform, popular in USA)

IDK, IDKW I Don't Know, I Don't Know Why

ILY I Love You

IM Instant Message

IMO, IMAO, IMHO In My Opinion, In My Arrogant Opinion, In My Humble Opinion

In/Out Can meet at your place or mine

IR Inter-Racial

ISO In Search Of…

LAGANZ Lesbian And Gay Archive of New Zealand

LDR Long-Distance Relationship

LESO Auckland Lesbian Support Organisation

LFG Looking For Group

LF1M Looking For One More

LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender

LL Lipstick Lesbian

LOL Laugh Out Loud

LS LateShift (Men's Cruise Club in Auckland)

LTR Long-Term Relationship

LYLT Love You Long Time

M-M Male to Male

M8 Mate

MA Middle-Aged

Masc Masculine

Massage & Relief Massage with a sexual element

MBA Married But Available

Meh Not very impressed!

Meth Methamphetamine (AKA Ice in Australia and Crystal or Tina in USA)

MF MenFriends (Cruise Club/Sauna in Christchurch)

M4M, MSM Male for Males, Male Seeking Male

MSN Microsoft's instant chat service (popular in NZ)

MtF Male to Female Transgender

MYOB Mind Your Own Business

ND Non-Drinker

Neg HIV Negative

NI North Island

NIFOC Naked In Front Of Computer

NM Not Much, Never Mind

NP No Problem

NS Could be Non-Scene or Non-Smoker

N/Sc Non-Scene (Doesn't go to gay bars)

N/Sm Non-Smoker

NSA No Strings Attached

NSFW Not Safe For Work

NZAF New Zealand AIDS Foundation

NZD NZDating

OE Overseas Experience

OC, OH Own Car, Own Home

OMG Oh My God/Oh My Gosh

OMWV Older Man With Viagra

OUTLine LGBT phone support service

P Methamphetamine

P&P Party (take drugs) and Play

PC Politically Correct

PDA Public Display of Affection

PI Pacific Islander

PIITB Put It In The Butt

PMSL Pissing My Self Laughing

POP Poppers (Amyl)

Potato Queen Likes European guys

POV Point Of View

Poz HIV Positive

PA, PP Photo Appreciated, Photo Please

PM Private Message

QAF Queer As Folk (Gay TV series)

R/S Relationship

Rice Queen Likes Asian guys

RL Real Life

ROFL, ROFLMFAO Rolling On the Floor Laughing… My Fucking Ass Off

S&M Sadomasochism, also a gay bar in Wellington

SA Straight Acting

SALT Single And Loving It

SFW Safe For Work

SI Similar Interests, or South Island

Smooth No hair on guy's chest

SMS Mobile texting (Aussie and USA name for it)

SOH Sense Of Humour

SOS Sex On Site (venue, like a sauna or cruise club)

SSCBS Speaks Softly, Carries a Big Stick

SSE, SSO Safe Sex Every time, Safe Sex Only (Using condoms)

Stats Basic info like where you are and how old you are

STD, STI Sexually-Transmitted Disease, Sexually-Transmitted Infection

STFU Shut The Fuck Up

STR8 Straight

Sub Submissive

SWAK Sent With A Kiss

Switch BDSM term for someone who can be both top or bottom (or Dom & Sub)

Sub Submissive

Taka, Takataapui Gay and Maori

Taro Queen Likes Pacific Island guys

TBH To Be Honest

TDTM Talk Dirty To Me

TG, TS Transgender, Transsexual

TLC Tender Loving Care

TKS, TNX, TY Thanks, Thank You

Top Active partner

Toys Sexual aides, eg. dildos, vibrators

TTFN Ta Ta For Now

TTYL Talk To You Later

Twink Young, hairless guy

TT Tit Torture

TV Transvestite

UniQ Gay group at University

V Very (as in VWE, or VGL)

Vanilla Non-kinky sex

VM Voice Mail

W/E, W/H Well-Endowed, Well-Hung

WFFC Will Fuck For Cash

W/O Without

WLTM Would Like To Meet

WS Water Sports (Piss Play)

WSW Woman Seeking Woman

WTF What The Fuck?

WTB, WTS, WTT Want To Buy, Want To Sell, Want To Trade

XOXO Kisses and hugs

YO Years Old

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