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Thursday 09 October 2008

 Our drinking and drugging: Recreation or addiction?
Posted in: Living Well, Community  3rd July 2007
“NZ gays are chemical caners” screamed an internet headline last week, after a study showed higher use of alcohol and other drugs in our gay, lesbian and bisexual population…

 The UniQ Conference 2007
Posted in: Community  29th June 2007
“Uni can be a life-changing experience... You’re coming into contact with a large number of people from many different backgrounds. So having a social support network plays a very important role.”

 Getting to know Levi Bristow
Posted in: Television, Community  20th June 2007
tn_levi_1.jpg podcast: George FM's Billy & Bob speak to Takataapui TV's Levi Bristow about his background, his telly show, Matariki, and the true meaning of the word 'Takataapui'.

 Why we love our gay K' Road
Posted in: Community  19th June 2007
"Kharacter. Kultual. Kool. K' Road": We had a few cool Karangahape Road T-Shirts to giveaway, so we asked our readers why they loved Auckland's gayest street.

 Ian & Jason’s Civil Union at Glamz!
Posted in: Community  16th June 2007
“My partner and I had our Civil Union at Glamz in Hamilton on the 2nd of June. Both of our families are delighted that we have found true happiness and love together”

 Asian Gay New Zealanders – “Be proud and strong”
Posted in: Safe Sex, Community  6th May 2007
Several Asian countries condemn homosexuality, so many Asian gay men try to migrate to where they can be more free. New Zealand is a popular choice.”

 Funeral: Henare Te Ua: St-Matthews-in-the-City
Posted in: Community  5th May 2007
A gay-themed funeral service in packed St Matthews in the City saw gay Maori elder Henare Te Ua farewelled from Auckland, to head south for his Gisborne tangi this weekend.

 Photos: Henare Te Ua: St-Matthews-in-the-City
Posted in: Community  4th May 2007
Friday Morning, May 4, and the body of the late Henare Te Ua is welcomed into St Matthews in the City in downtown Auckland, to rest through the day before a 7pm gay-centred service and his return to his ancestral roots near Gisborne.

 An appreciation: Henare Te Ua
Posted in: Community  2nd May 2007
Here at Henare will be hugely missed. His insight, reassurance and gently guiding advice will be difficult to replace.

 Is this NZ’s next top bear?
Posted in: Community  24th March 2007
This competition is sure to sort out the men from the boys! Has rugby-playing contestant Gavin Hyde got what it takes to become Mr Urge NZ Bear 2007?

 No homosexuality here, we're sportstars!
Posted in: Community  18th March 2007
Though New Zealand has openly gay MP’s on both sides of the house we are clearly less comfortable with having openly gay people as our sports stars.

 Editorial: NZ's gay media is a small, small world
Posted in: Community, Television  8th March 2007
As details emerge about the soon to be seen newest incarnation of NZ glbt TV programming, must declare an interest...

 “It’s been a very exciting decade” – Brian Andrews, photographer
Posted in: Events, Community  13th February 2007
For the Hero Festival, picture-perfect personality Brian Andrews unveils his selection of special images from a decade of Auckland GLBT scene photography.

 More alternative LGBT New Zealand histories…
Posted in: Comment, Community  7th February 2007
Craig Young looks further back into the past to explore what our lives could have been like if history had taken a different path.

 Obituary: Stanley Waipouri, 1967-2006
Posted in: Community  23rd January 2007
Danny Delamere remembers his friend Stan, a gay man who died in tragic circumstances in Palmerston North the day before Christmas Eve.