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Thursday 09 October 2008

 Ewan Mcgregor's new gay role
Posted in: Movies  5th June 2007
'Scenes of a Sexual Nature': This gorgeous comedy shows seven very different relationships dealing with sex and love. Will Ewan's character ever stop cruising for easy hook-ups and settle down?

 Out Takes in Auckland: “Sex, Cries and Videotape”
Posted in: Movies  1st June 2007
It’s been an eventful Film Fest in Auckland so far… here’s our ‘insider’ look at what Wellingtonians and Christchurchers can expect at this year’s Out Takes.

 VIDEO: Out Takes Film Fest’s transgender tales
Posted in: Movies  22nd May 2007
The Out Takes Film Fest features a wide selection of documentaries telling the real stories of transgender people around the world – plus, Marieta the narcoleptic sex-worker sings!

 VIDEO: Out Takes Film Fest’s lesbian adventures
Posted in: Movies  16th May 2007
The Out Takes Film Festival is just around the corner, and as usual there’s lots on for lesbians to enjoy. Here’s just a taste of the delights on offer…

 DVD review: Quiet Night In
Posted in: Movies  9th May 2007
Gay writer, director and muso Chris Banks’ first full-length film has “a dada-ist sense of the ridiculous, honed by cryptoexistentialism, spiced with a bit of camp nonsense.”

 'A whole lot of funny' at NZ's Comedy Festival 2007
Posted in: Movies  7th May 2007
A dominatrix, a newly-out UK gay comedian, some penis puppetry, a new gay comedy/drama and a guy with tape on his face are just some of the delights NZ's funniest festival has in store.

 Reviews: Three of the Best from Out Takes 2007
Posted in: Movies  2nd May 2007
A fast-paced political thriller, a wild Spanish delight and a devastating true story… our reviewer previews his personal highlights from this year’s LGBT Film Fest.

 Movie review: Destiny in Motion
Posted in: Movies  31st March 2007
Anti-gay cult leader Brian Tamaki planned to be a major political force, but the 2005 general election became his appointment with the margin of error.

 Running with Scissors
Posted in: Movies  7th March 2007
With such a story and such a cast, it’s difficult to understand why Running with Scissors isn’t a great movie experience, but it simply isn’t.

 Movie: Notes On A Scandal - Shades of grey
Posted in: Movies  28th February 2007
If it is acceptable for the lonely teacher Sheba to seek sexual love from a student, can we condemn predatory Barbara’s wish to share her love with younger Sheba?