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Lose not the light that shines in distant seas
By Cherie Crawford
9th October 2007 - 12:43 pm

Lesbian writer from Hamilton, Cherie Crawford, writes:

"I wrote this poem in memory of the gay guy that I knew. His memory is a reminder to me to always have courage. While he was alive, he was well loved, but his loss was greater than he could live with. For those that lose friendships, for admitting to those they care about, 'they are gay'. It's hard to deal with. But his memory reminds me to never lose sight of what matters, and to always have courage."


Distant memories avail my mind,

of loss thy find in courage fought.

Cloak yourself not in shame,

nor hide your face,

in disarray.

For shadow to your hopes and dreams,

courage births....courage renews.

I sit on this ocean side,

with the waves crashing in.

Remembering you....

With your beautiful smile.

Your life yet short,

dejected, by loveless displays.

Shadowed by broken dreams,

But your memory-all powerful.

Though many turned from your side,

You gave love to which excelled,

The limitless of selflessness.

While the seagulls swarm above me,

I take reflection of you,

The loss of your courage in being gay.

Friendships forged, were soon to be forgotten.

They scuttled unknowing, what kept you afloat.

Your courage then dimmed,

A lighthouse - no longer distant in the night.

Like a ship lost at sea,

Like vision blurred through loss of sight.

To which once lit your path,

To which guided your steps.

But I remember you,

And your memory to me is a lighthouse.

A reminder far away,

Though distant you art from me.

But your memory - ever so close.

I think of you -

And courage rises within me.

Like eagles soar above me,

I feel a cry of passion,-

I can no longer contain.

I lay to rest,-

Those memories of those;

who turned away from me,

And I hold my head,

no longer in shame.

Like eagles fly,

from strength to strength,

We find courage to rise.

Though many friendships may be forged,

That are soon to be forgotten,

And loss may come our way.


Lose not the light that shines, in distant seas.

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