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Through the Lenses of Self-Discovery
By Cherie Crawford
3rd October 2007 - 11:28 am

Hamilton-based lesbian writer Cherie Crawford writes: "I wrote this poem on my experience with hate from churches towards gays and lesbians. My questioning of this sparked a poem that challenged me to accept myself for who I am".


You taught me to never question life,

while you painted a picture of meaningless existence.

Like a long-dark tunnel,

you echoed a magnitude of false projections,

while you enforced what was never to be dictated.

And in the silence-of self awareness,

I began to question life;-

outside the realm of this 'stero-typical' Christian existence.

And far from a 'boxed' confinement,

I found a place of inner tranquillity;

in the soft echo;-

of all-consuming love.

The arrangement of beauty-in individual diversity,

became much clearer to me.

In the stillness I found,

a love that knows no restrictions.

You cannot 'cage up',

what should always be free.

All the hate that you portrayed,

diminished in the revelation,

of life in 'meaningful' existence.

Hate not somebody, for being gay,

as I cannot run from who I am.

Try not to lock up-your perceptions of morality,

in a false light.

Try not to fixate your attention of self-righteousness,

in distorted imagery.

Turn around your projection,

and look within your self,

to see that love is not as it should be.

Should you dare to question 'truth',

far from your ideal 'reality'-

lest it convicts you,

of your own short-comings.

And in this honest reflection,

I dared to question the unquestionable.

I found that 'love' extends to the darkest existence,

you portrayed as 'loveless'.

Far from your ideal reality,

I saw love abounding more,

in the distant reflection of grace,

I found the darkness of night light up-

with an arrayment of shooting stars.

At this moment,

I came to experience love like never before,

saturating and embracing me.

In my state-

of your deemed projection of 'immoralness'.

Hope came like the dawning of a new day.

Then, I decided-

that this 'snapshot' picture of love,

that it be truly hold as my own painting,

of the essence of life,


through the lenses of self-discovery.

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