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Circles and Crosses
By Zachary
9th September 2007 - 10:48 pm

Circles and Crosses

I long for the reply
            That turns two hours
                        Into an eternity
I long for last night
            Once more,
                        And forever.
The moment that consumes me
            When you made your release
                        And I loved you
                        And I never did.
And I want to sleep;
            Our bodies entwined,
And I close my eyes
                        On last night.
I feel warmth in you
            From your body
                        Your arms,
                                    And legs.
Am I alone?
            In the way I feel…
                        In the way I felt
                        Last night.
Am I alone?
I long to return
            To the world beneath your sheets;
Where two hours turns
                        Into an eternity
            And in your arms
                                    I sleep


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