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NZ Writing
By Warwick Broadhead
30th July 2006 - 10:59 pm

lastnight walking barefoot on the lawn at four in the morning
sipping chamomile and honey and watching a waning moon present
and dissolve above the dark illumed clouds
you were also present,your spirit spoke
and the calm was placed inside my skull
then I feltjoy
the naked skin opened and was gently fucked by a delicious breeze
delerious on the sound of the crickets singing my song
am I gay and joyous at thismoment
that does not register
what appears is the happiness of being human - my very cells are smiling
later I celebrate an erection in the wonder of those early wakeful hours
imbibing pleasure and strength I see men and moremen
the curve of the mansneck thrills in its beauty
i am homosexual and human.the heart encompasses my universe in joyous
times and I singout danceout dream
to be in a state of utterjoy is an inkling of freedom
falling into the others eyes and being held there
that moment
in love to love


Warwick Broadhead is a New Zealand gay performer, author, director, playwright, visualiser, poet, and free spirit. ('s description, not Warwicks!) welcomes short-format writing based on the joy of being gay or lesbian, whether it be verse, essays, anecdotes or personal insights.
The format is not important, the joy is.

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