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Buffy & Bimbo invade America with Kiwi cuisine
By Matt Akersten
10th March 2008 - 02:12 pm

Buffy & Bimbo: They've caught a big one!
Those Fabulous Makeover Girls Buffy and Bimbo certainly make waves here in Kiwiland, but who knew they were so popular internationally?

A lifestyle store in Chicago approached the 'twin sisters' in late January to ask if they would like to be featured in a 60-80 page American Drag Cookbook for charity. They mulled it over for a few heartbeats before saying yes.

"The brief was fairly wide giving us many options to consider," Buffy explains. "After sitting down with an artistic team we decided that we should offer recipes with a Kiwi flavour, so choose a mussel entrée and lamb main course - all cooked outside on the BBQ."

Next came the all-important photoshoot. "There were many options on the type and style of photos that you could submit including photos of sourcing the ingredients, preparing and cooking the meal or just group shots of us at dinner," says Bimbo.

Tasting the lamb - and when the audience throws tomatoes, they'll have a nice side salad
"In true Buffy and Bimbo style we chose a different approach which focused on us sourcing the mussels. Is there a difference between mussels and muscles I ask? Sourcing the lamb was a challenge and even though we have worked with children and dogs for many years at the Big Gay Out we will never work with sheep again.

"We cooked the meal over a BBQ on Devonport Beach with Auckland City in the background. We have fantastic photos of the Auckland City skyline that should help the tourism figures rise."

The majority of the recipes in the book have been supplied by American drag queens, but there are also a few international drag queens involved. "We are the only two from New Zealand," Buffy reveals. "The international combination should make for an interesting selection of recipes."

There's no such thing as a quiet BBQ with these two. Photos by Brian Andrews
The prototype of the cookbook is being printed this week, and the actual cookbook will be launched in Chicago in June. Buffy and Bimbo are hoping to have a supply delivered to New Zealand, which can be sold as a fundraiser for national HIV/AIDS charities.

"We offered our services on a complimentary basis for their charity - but I understand that we will get a free copy of the book," laughs Bimbo. "We might be asked to the launch – you never know!"

The girls are keeping tight-lipped about their recipes until the book come out, "but the mussel recipe has an interesting slant and the lamb has been prepared with a unique Kiwi salsa," Buffy confides.

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