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Over five years has grown quietly and without fanfare into New Zealand's foremost information and resource website for the national gay, lesbian and transgender community. The quality of's services and information is unsurpassed in the southern hemisphere and up with the best in the world. is visited more than 10,500 times every week. In a fortnight we serve in the region of 1.2 million page views to mostly gay men, who are tech-savvy, early adopters and have high disposable income. No other glbt website can claim these high numbers, and we're still growing! is updated every day and is acknowledged to be up to date, literate, highly informed and accurate.

Think how many times all those people saw that campaign! This is clearly not a glance at it once and throw it away medium!'s users return to the site very frequently and browse through an average of 8 pages of its main content on every visit! And they keep coming back!

Advertising on is immediate, nationwide and extremely cost-effective:

  • 63,000+ website visits every month
  • 2.4 million+ page views per month
  • Rapidly increasing profile in NZ
  • High profile internationally
  • Quality readership
  • Cost effective
  • Updated daily
  • Established, reliable, professional

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