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GABA wine tasting on Waiheke Is.

  Thursday, 9th
Otago UniQ's Fruit Salad
The Homophones - Wellington gay men's chorus
UniQ Auckland's Coffee Night
Tama Ma
Girl Thursday
Team Auckland Swimming
Wellington Gay Men's Chorus
'Dance under the Mirrorball' @ Family
WLG: Rainbow Bowling League
CHC: Thursdays at Flamingo Bar
Karaoke @ KAMO
  Friday, 10th
Auditions - La Cage Aux Folles
Rainbow Youth's Queer 4 Shore
WLG: Lesbian Networking drinks
Wgtn: Lesbian Pool Friday
Tama Ma
DUD: QPID Adventure Bus Trips- Male Couples
DUD: QPID Adventure Bus Trips- Female Couples
WLG: Adagio
CHC: Friday Night Fun @ Flamingos
DUD: COQ on Toast
RETRO Women's night at Kamo
DUN: Parfait Queer Club night
Family Drag Shows
The Piano Bar @ Purple
Palmerston North's Club Q

 Posted in: Events  8th October 2008

We asked around to find out which cocktails – and pussytails – were popular at some of New Zealand's gayest drinking hotspots.

 Buckwheat becomes a work of art
Posted in: Television  6th October 2008
Drag icon Buckwheat gets star treatment this week when artist Stephen 'Marty' Welch paints her picture in a new TVNZ6 show.

 Meet Aku Hammond – Mr. Gay Auckland 2008
Posted in: Hall of Fame  3rd October 2008
Auckland already has its Sky Tower – but at 6'8" tall, the new Mr. Gay Auckland is now the Queen City's official 'Gay Tower'.

 A new gay musical Outing for Wellington
Posted in: Performance  2nd October 2008
The Outing could well be the only dose of truly gay theatre Wellingtonians will get this year – and what an injection it promises to be.

 Sculpting the perfect posterior
Posted in: Features  1st October 2008
Those with a less gifted rear end have been enjoying winter's extra clothing layers to cover their catastrophic caboose – but summer is coming...

Cheers to the volunteers!
Mika Haka Kids: Sweat, tears & lime-green tights
Review: Wellington Musical Theatre's The Sound of Music
Advice to a young gay man

The Bill & Ben Party: An in-depth gay probe!
Posted in: Blogger Zone  5th October 2008
Bill & Ben are a joke political party featuring two guys who encourage nudity and the occasional 'man-love' moment! So what's in it for LGBT voters?

Feed your ears!
Why don't we date?

Today at 12:31 AM Bathurst & TVNZ Sports Extra
Today at 12:28 AM Agnostics of the world unite!
Today at 12:18 AM Please hijack this thread.
Today at 12:04 AM What do you think...?
Today at 12:00 AM Coca Cola kills the AIDS Virus...
Yesterday at 11:57 PM World AIDS Day (01 December 2008)

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  27th September 2008
The sequel to Another Gay Movie is just out in the US – featuring a cast full of hunky young dudes and a script full of lame jokes. Here's the trailer.

Pan Pacific HIV conference 'eye-opening and inspirational'
Posted in: HIV  6th September 2008
HIV+ people, educators and support workers from around the Pacific gathered in Auckland last week to discuss the realities of HIV in this part of the world.

Lessons from the Olympics
Sticky Keyboards

Canada: Same-Sex Marriage - I Do/I Don't?
Posted in: Comment  4th October 2008
After a brief flurry of tuxedo and lace fetishism, many Canadian lesbians and gay men are pondering whether or not they actually want to get hitched.

Deconstructing 'Value Your Vote'
Family First: Wrong, Key

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