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Thursday 09 October 2008

 Being gay in South Korea
Posted in: Features  9th April 2008
One of the world's oldest civilisations, some of Korea's ancient figures were famed for their same-sex liaisons. But what's LGBT life there like nowadays?

 The Green Party's rainbow thinking
Posted in: Features  2nd April 2008
"I am writing to set the record straight, and to let your readers know that the Greens DO support the Rainbow Community in a number of ways."

 Tim Barnett: "Your queer decision to make"
Posted in: Features  31st March 2008
"Only Labour and maybe the Greens choose to have particular, positive messages for and commitments to our queer communities."

 Being gay in China or Tibet
Posted in: Features  30th March 2008
Given current debates about China and Tibet, what stances do both societies have on LGBT issues?

 Being gay in the Former Yugoslavia
Posted in: Features  23rd March 2008
Nearly a decade after the horror of the Balkan Wars of the 90's, what are the lives of LGBT citizens like in its successor states?

 Charles Chauvel's tribute to a liberal Nat
Posted in: Features  20th March 2008
Rainbow Labour's Charles Chauvel pays a public tribute to a soon-departing National MP who did the right thing by our communities…

 The Transgender Inquiry: New Zealand reacts
Posted in: Features  20th January 2008
Is the HRC's transgender report a world-leading step for human rights, or a sick and stupid "fringe wish list"? Predictably, it depends who you talk to.

 "Where did that year go?!" - Maryan Street MP
Posted in: Features  8th December 2007
"It seems that out lesbian Cabinet Ministers are getting a bit passe these days - with Angela Eagle in the UK, and now Penny Wong in Australia."

 It's time to change the partial defence of provocation
Posted in: Features  27th November 2007
A chat-up attempt can be considered reasonable grounds for beating up a gay man... or worse. Nat MP Chris Finlayson considers a proposed law review.

 Review: A Life of Unlearning by Anthony Venn-Brown
Posted in: Books, Features  9th November 2007
Anthony Venn-Brown used to be a Pentecostal highflier across the Tasman. But since he was a teen, he has had sex with men. This is his story.

 Celebrating a decade of Rainbow Labour
Posted in: Features  7th November 2007
The Labour Party’s Rainbow sector marked its 10th anniversary with a fundraising breakfast at the weekend.

 Who will govern NZ's gay capital?
Posted in: Features, Features  16th September 2007
Auckland mayoral hopefuls Lisa Prager, John Banks, Alex Swney, Steve Crow, Dick Hubbard and Dr. John Hinchcliff address the queen city's LGBT voters.

 Labour MP Maryan Street: On sticking up for diversity
Posted in: Features, Features  11th September 2007
When Street outed herself in a busy forum, she hoped her words would make a difference - and was surprised at the audience's reaction.

 Thank God for the Atheists?
Posted in: Features  3rd September 2007
Have Atheist groups around the world and in New Zealand supported LGBT people?

 1957 report: Homosexuality "should not be a crime"
Posted in: Features  2nd September 2007
On 4th September 2007, it’s exactly 50 years since the UK’s Home Office released its ground-breaking Wolfenden Report which urged partial and restricted decriminalisation of male homosexuality.