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Thursday 09 October 2008

 Robin Isaacs Pt2: New drugs and HIV explained
Posted in: HIV  18th May 2008
New drugs are emerging to fight HIV, but why is the virus which infects one more NZer - mostly gay and bi men - every 4 to 5 days, so hard to get rid of?

 Robin Isaacs Pt1: Searching for HIV treatments
Posted in: HIV  16th May 2008
In the USA, a kiwi doctor's experiences of the early HIV epidemic in Auckland underpins his commitment to finding better drugs.

 "Never forget": Maryan Street MP marks Candlelight 2008
Posted in: Features, HIV  15th May 2008
"I think our greatest current concern is our own complacency. Honouring those who have died surely must involve learning from their experiences?"

 Candlelight: A remembrance, and a celebration
Posted in: Events, HIV  13th May 2008
This Sunday across New Zealand and around the world, communities will meet to remember and celebrate the lives of those lost to HIV/AIDS.

 Desperate Dinnerplates: Julz explodes some food myths
Posted in: Features, Living Well  9th May 2008
Fat-free snacks, carbohydrate-free meals, mega-magic vitamin supplements… Our gay fitness guru pleads: "Bring back real food!"

 A gay gal's guide to transforming your body
Posted in: Features, Living Well  22nd April 2008
Yo ladies! If your fitness and physique aspirations lean a little towards an androgynous style then this column is for you…

 Editorial: Thanks for two jobs well done
Posted in: HIV  9th April 2008
The departure of reporter and comms professional Chris Banks is a sad loss to our glbt communities, which need more people with his passion and skills.

 Getting into shape: How to stay motivated
Posted in: Features, Living Well  7th April 2008
No more excuses!'s personal trainer has four tips to help you trick yourself into a great workout.

 Negotiated sex safety: "If only it were that simple"
Posted in: Safe Sex, Blogger Zone  28th March 2008
The idea of 'negotiated sex safety' has lead to gay couples throwing away condoms for years. It's a risky business, writes Michael Stevens.

 Get into shape with Julz!
Posted in: Features, Living Well  24th March 2008
Summer is coming again (at the end of winter and after spring)… so get a head-start on a hotter body with our personal trainer's practical tips.

 A new home for Wellington’s Awhina Centre
Posted in: HIV  18th March 2008
"We decided on this space because it had an appealing quality. It's freshly painted and designed just for us."

 Inside the new Burnett Centre
Posted in: HIV  8th March 2008
New and improved! was invited to preview Auckland's relocated HIV testing and support centre.

 Poster Boys showing determination and commitment
Posted in: Safe Sex  26th February 2008
All six of the NZAF's Safe Sex Poster Boys have weathered the 'unsafe sex' controversy with their commitment to the campaign intact.

 Editorial: The complex Poster Boys problem
Posted in: Safe Sex  24th February 2008
We hope the Poster Boys controversy doesn't mean continued disconnection amongst NZ gay men, of whom five more every week learn they have HIV.

 Safe Sex Poster Boys – In Their Own Words
Posted in: Safe Sex  8th February 2008
NZ's new team of six sexy pin-up boys each make personal statements as their official Safe Sex Posters are unveiled.