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Thursday 09 October 2008

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Feed your ears!
29th September 2008   International Daily News
New Zealand-born actress Lucy Lawless has revealed on her blog that she'll be in the last season of The L Word. "Look for me on The L Word at some... Read more

28th September 2008   International Daily News
A new website from the UK aims to reduce the isolation, fear and myths gay men deal with when there are first diagnosed with HIV. 'What next?' contains diaries and... Read more

28th September 2008   International Daily News
Blue-eyed Hollywood star Paul Newman, who broke hearts all around the world as a leading man in the '50's and '60's – and in later life was known for his... Read more

27th September 2008   International Daily News
27-year-old Bashar, a leading gay activist in Iraq, has been assassinated, says Peter Tatchell of Human Rights group Outrage! "He was the organiser of the safe houses for gays and... Read more

26th September 2008   International Daily News
The organisers of Bosnia's first-ever gay pride festival have cancelled all their planned events this week, following attacks at the opening ceremony at which eight people were injured. Around 70... Read more

25th September 2008   International Daily News
Dozens of young homophobic hooligans have attacked participants of Bosnia's first-ever gay festival in Sarajevo, leaving at least eight people injured, including a police officer. Violence broke out at the... Read more

25th September 2008   International Daily News
A Louisiana man who raped and murdered eight young men over a ten-year period has been sentenced to eight consecutive life terms in prison. Ronald Dominique, 44, had been suspected... Read more

24th September 2008   International Daily News
Ending years of speculation, gossip and denials, US Idol's most successful runner-up Clay Aiken has come out in a cover article in the latest People magazine. The singer rose to... Read more

24th September 2008   International Daily News
Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Tribunal has found a notoriously homophobic gun lobbyist guilty of 'inciting hatred against homosexuals' with his car bumper sticker which reads: "Gay Rights? Under God's law the only... Read more

23rd September 2008   International Daily News
An estimated 1,000 same-sex parent families in the Australian state of New South Wales have been granted legal rights under new laws which came into affect yesterday. The new law... Read more