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Thursday 09 October 2008

 Ten things you didn't know about Brokeback Mountain
Posted in: Movies  4th April 2008
The Oscar-winning story of cowboy love is on TV One this Sunday night. Here's a few facts about one of the most popular movie romances of all time.

 LGBT movies in NZ's World Cinema Showcase
Posted in: Movies  21st March 2008
Film buffs with an interest in quality cinema - and gay and lesbian stories - will enjoy 2008's World Cinema Showcase.

 A taste of Italy for a talented film-maker
Posted in: Movies, True Stories  17th October 2007
A major scholarship win means an imaginative gay Kiwi will represent Aotearoa at next year's Film Festivals in Venice and Rome.

 Keepin' it real at 2007's Doco Film Fest
Posted in: Movies  28th September 2007
Real people are the stars of the International Doco Film Fest - including several extraordinary stories from LGBT people.

 A pleasantly plump remake of Hairspray
Posted in: Movies  1st September 2007
With even more rambunctious musical campness than the original, it's impossible to leave the cinema without a broad smile after this one. But wait! Is that girl's mum a bloke?

 I Now Pronounce You… Dumb and Dumber
Posted in: Movies  13th August 2007
Meet Chuck and Larry, two heterosexual New York fire-fighting heroes who are the centrepiece of the crappiest gay-themed movie ever.

 Moments of Gay Movie Magic
Posted in: Movies  4th August 2007
We asked about our readers' favourite LGBT-themed DVD's to rent for these cold winter nights, and found video clips from some of the most popular recommendations.

 A chat with the Civic Theatre's Eric Kearney
Posted in: Movies  24th July 2007
tn-civic.jpg Podcast: Eric tells us about his hot tips for the International Film Fest, his Vivian Leigh tale, life before Homosexual Law Reform, and those Flamingo Curtains!

 Our picks from the NZ International Film Festival
Posted in: Movies  11th July 2007
This year’s International Film Fest starts in Auckland this week, and tours New Zealand through the rest of 2007. Here’s just a few selections from another bumper crop of cinematic delights…

 The lowdown on the NZ International Film Fest
Posted in: Movies  26th June 2007
19000-film_festival.jpg Podcast: Richard King, gay Guest Programmer of the International Film Festival, talks with George FM’s Billy and Bob about his job and the many amazing movies this year.