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Thursday 09 October 2008

Out Takes 2008: East Side Story

Posted in: Movies
By Matt Akersten - 10th June 2008

2008's 'Out Takes-lite' features only two movies - a gay male one and a lesbian one. Here's the gay one - it's a Californian comedy… starring several Latino and American hotties!

Three's a crowd?: Things get complicated in East Side Story

In East Side Story, young Diego Campos has long felt trapped in East LA and plans to move away and open an upscale restaurant with his ultra closeted boyfriend, Pablo Morales.

But Pablo views their 'down-low' relationship a little differently - a point driven home when he starts dating Bianca, Diego's spirited young Aunt.

Meanwhile, openly gay white men like Wesley and Jonathan are moving in, gentrifying the Latino neighbourhood.

The attraction between Diego and Wesley is immediate and electric, forcing both men to re-examine their state of affairs in this entertaining comedy.

Who will stay? Who will go? Who will fall in love?

A courageous queer comedy, East Side Story is about coming out and coming home.


East Side Story plays at Wellington's Paramount Cinema on Sunday 15 June, and Auckland's Academy Cinema on Wednesday 25 June. Book in advance at the theatres in case they sell out! More details about this year's LGBT movie screenings are on the official Out Takes website.

The trailer for East Side Story is shown below.

Matt Akersten - 10th June 2008