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Thursday 09 October 2008

 Obituary: Leo Abse (1917-2008): Hesitant Liberator?
Posted in: Comment  22nd August 2008
Leo Abse figured prominently in recent accounts of the anniversary of the first hesitant steps toward full LGBT equality in the United Kingdom.

 Hollow Men II? The Christian Right & Election '08
Posted in: Comment  19th August 2008
What role will the New Zealand Christian Right play in the forthcoming general election?

 Polyamory: Family First's 'Phantom Menace'
Posted in: Comment  13th August 2008
Christian Right lobby group Family First and pathetic gutter "journalist" Ian Wishart have attacked Labour's Social Development Minister, Ruth Dyson, over a non-existent social policy 'speech' that she never made 'endorsing' polygamy and polyamory.

 Money talks
Posted in: Comment  9th August 2008
Should we actively engage in boycotts of businesses that support New Zealand fundamentalist pressure groups?

 Ahead of the Olympics, are China's gays in trouble?
Posted in: Features  6th August 2008
Some stories have suggested gay venues in Beijing and Shanghai were under threat from police raids – but were those tales just 'Chinese whispers'?

 Charles Chauvel: NZ gets serious with school bullies
Posted in: Features  2nd August 2008
Following a number of recent high-profile incidents involving bullying, Labour's Charles Chauvel welcomes the new Anti-Bullying in Schools Initiative.

 Hold your nose and vote
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  31st July 2008
Michael Stevens: "They're having an election this year, in case you hadn't noticed. God what a dismal set of options we have before us..."

 Key: "I'm more liberal than I look..." Yeah, right...
Posted in: Comment  29th July 2008
"In an annoying series of NZ Herald puff pieces about John Key, one particularly ridiculous article was about his relative social liberalism."

 Brethrengate '08?
Posted in: Comment  28th July 2008
According to politics writer Nicky Hager, Exclusive Brethren 'Elect Vessel' Bruce Hales visited Wellington incognito recently. Why?

 Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim and the Abuse of 'Sodomy' Laws
Posted in: Comment  21st July 2008
Malaysia is rapidly turning into the homophobic black spot of the Asia/Pacific region, after repeated allegations of gay sex against the Opposition leader.

 Review: The Life of Brian
Posted in: Features  17th July 2008
What did we learn about the Bishop of Bling, Destiny church's leader Brian Tamaki, from tonight's TV3 documentary?

 Damaged Democracy and a Compassion-Free Church?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  17th July 2008
The Aussies' Catholic World Youth Day is hogging a lot of media time. Despite the hype, there are some strains starting to show through the euphoria.

 The Maxim Institute: Underneath the Radar?
Posted in: Comment  14th July 2008
"It's possible to ignore some of the more insignificant players in the decline of the NZ Christian Right, but The Maxim Institute is quite another matter."

 Death of an old monster: Jesse Helms: 1921-2008
Posted in: Comment  7th July 2008
I imagine that few LGBT Americans will mourn the passing of the late former US Republican Senator for North Carolina, Jesse Helms, who died at 86.

 In defence of the Prime Minister
Posted in: Comment  29th June 2008
Critics of the Prime Minister's refusal to hold the pro-belting fanatics citizens referendum have highly selective memories, writes Craig Young.