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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Julian Clary's Murder Most Fab
Posted in: Books  12th November 2007
The UK comedian's first novel sees a broken-hearted gay guy moving to London, becoming a hooker and ending up a TV presenter with a big secret.

 Review: A Life of Unlearning by Anthony Venn-Brown
Posted in: Books, Features  9th November 2007
Anthony Venn-Brown used to be a Pentecostal highflier across the Tasman. But since he was a teen, he has had sex with men. This is his story.

 Crossing Mali… and the quest for Timbuktu
Posted in: Books  31st October 2007
"It's a love poem between two men, but also about the realisation that the journey itself can be more important than reaching the destination."

 Review: Lives on the edge in 'Hotel de Dream'
Posted in: Books  19th October 2007
New York, 1900: Change is inevitable - somehow it must be absorbed and a new life crafted from the fading tattered remnants of the past.

 Review: Motherhood for Stella Duffy's sleuth
Posted in: Books  14th October 2007
Life hasn't been easy since the birth of Saz and Molly's child - then when the past comes calling, Saz is compelled to solve another mystery.

 Peter Wells' new novel 'Lucky Bastard'
Posted in: Books  1st October 2007
"Wells’ gift is to present books that have a universal appeal to the open-minded, but also grant a gay & lesbian audience an additional experience"

 Age catches up with Tolliver and Maupin
Posted in: Books  17th September 2007
'Michael Tolliver Lives' picks up where 'Tales of the City' left off, but it feels less like a pick up and more like a wrap up.

 The frightening images of Skin Lane
Posted in: Books  11th September 2007
Mr Freeman works making fur coats in 1960's London. His ordered existence is interrupted one night when he dreams of a naked boy hanging in his bathroom.

 Marked Men, dark lives
Posted in: Books  14th August 2007
For some the downward spiral will be lightning fast, others are starting a gradual but relentless slide. Few will emerge unscathed in this damned good first novel.

 Homoerotic history: Tom of Finland
Posted in: Books  12th May 2007
Touko Laakonsen was a legendary gay erotic artist, whose reputation remains undimmed. However, his work came from an unexpectedly conservative background...