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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Obituary: Dr. Matt Wildbore, 1963 - 2008
Posted in: People  25th June 2008
Yesterday afternoon, family and friends joined together in Rotorua to pay their last respects to a doctor who gave more than most to help people.

 Should Ben follow his heart... to Florida?
Posted in: Family Matters  24th June 2008
"My friends are all telling me that I'm crazy to be going to visit this guy. They are telling me not to go, but I very much want to."

 K' Road's Kamo - Under new management
Posted in: Community  18th June 2008
"The great thing about Kamo is the sense of community you get from it. We want it to be a brilliant gay meeting place."

 Youngest orchestra conductor Brent John Stewart
Posted in: Hall of Fame  14th June 2008
"Music has an incredible grip on my emotions - it can turn me into a water feature very quickly."

 Why Auckland needs an LGBT Community Centre
Posted in: Community  12th June 2008
Researcher Jenny Rankine's report from her Auckland City Council-funded research into the needs of New Zealand's gay capital.

 205 online acronyms explained
Posted in: Community  11th June 2008
We often get asked the meanings of certain letters and words when people are chatting onlineā€¦ so here they all are!

 Welcome to my gay utopia
Posted in: Community  2nd June 2008
Mark Farnworth lets his imagination run wild on what his ideal gay drinking spot would be like. But would anyone else go? Not many (if any!), he admits.

 Obituary: Darren Taylor, AKA Bambi Slut
Posted in: True Stories  31st May 2008
We remember a prima drag diva, lip-syncher extraordinaire, fashion stylist, beloved brother, cherished sister and fabulous friend.

 Tommy Hamilton - Chch's Teen Queen 2008
Posted in: Hall of Fame  25th May 2008
"Believe it or not, I'm a farm boy. I'm used to the 4.30am starts and usually do an all-nighter at the gay clubs before getting the cows in for milking."

 Meet Green Party candidate Kevin Hague
Posted in: Hall of Fame  22nd May 2008
Ranked at #7 on the Green Party's list, Hague has a pretty good chance of becoming our next openly-gay MP after this year's general election.

 Josh tells his story at Chch's Candlelight
Posted in: True Stories  19th May 2008
"What I will talk about tonight is personal. I hope that my message - my story, can be passed on to people and taken on board."

 "I've never been to a gay bar... I'm nervous"
Posted in: Family Matters  12th May 2008
James from New Plymouth plans to visit Auckland's gay scene, but how can he get guys' attention when he's so quiet and shy?

 Finding your gay way in China
Posted in: True Stories  11th May 2008
Wellington writer Tony Simpson visited the home of 2008's Olympics recently - and he offers an insight into gay venues in the People's Republic.

 New Zealand's favourite gay boy-next-door
Posted in: True Stories  29th April 2008
After more than his fair share of tragedy and heartbreak, becoming a Safe Sex Poster Boy was a new start. Right now, it's good to be Josh Chapman.

 Twelve Views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Posted in: NZ Writing, Blogger Zone  27th April 2008
New fiction by David Herkt: An iconic bridge connects twelve unique glipses into gay relationships.