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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Checking up on your sexual health
Posted in: Living Well  15th January 2007
Turning 40, Christopher Cooke decided it was time for a full health 'Warrant of Fitness'. So it was off to his GP, dentist, dermatologist... and the Sexual Health Clinic.

 Online Dating: Pimpin' your profile
Posted in: Living Well, People  30th December 2006
When your thoughts turn to finding love… or just sex, here's some tips on how to make your dating profile more 'clickable'!

 Viagra and party drugs – a gritty ‘trial mix’
Posted in: Living Well  21st December 2006
The combination of Viagra with ‘party drugs’ like Ecstacy has overseas health officials concerned – and it’s starting to happen here.

 Facts about depression
Posted in: Living Well  6th September 2006
Have you lost interest in almost all your usual activities? Feeling down? Unhappy for no reason? Tired all the time?

Posted in: People, Living Well  31st July 2006
"There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to be a sexual or emotional person - we all have to find our own way of expressing ourselves"

 Anal Pap testing in gay men may cut STIs
Posted in: Living Well  11th July 2006
A self-collection method, "almost as easy as peeing in a cup," may cut rates of sexually transmitted diseases and anal cancer amongst gay men.

 Comment: Medical marijuana - the Canadian experience
Posted in: Living Well  1st July 2006
Canada's programme is not working as well as they had hoped, but at least they have one... meanwhile NZ PLWAs may be suffering unnneccessarily.

 Homosexuality: Pt. 3 - Pink sperm and designer babies
Posted in: Living Well  11th April 2006
Evolutionary biology student Xavier Goldie reflects on gay sperm donation, queer rights, and whether parents could or should choose their childrens' sexuality?

 "Gay sperm panic" unfounded, says fertility clinic
Posted in: Living Well  20th March 2006
It's "extraordinarily unlikely" that gay men's sperm will guarantee a gay child, and gay donors needn't disclose their sexual orientation to recipients.

 Why the Blood Service doesn't want you
Posted in: Features, Living Well  30th August 2005
Being a gay man makes you unwelcome as a blood donor because it's feared you may have HIV. What's behind the formulation of NZ blood donor policy?

 Gay youth: A mental health crisis borne out of persecution?
Posted in: Living Well  16th August 2005
Gays and lesbians in NZ are at greater risk of developing mental health problems, according to a new study, but how can we dig deeper into the root causes?

 Is the NZ gay community at risk from P?
Posted in: Living Well  24th May 2005
Are New Zealand gay or bisexual men at risk from a possible secondary HIV/AIDS cascade epidemic related to P use unless we act now?

 Wanted: Just two hours for gay health study
Posted in: Living Well  28th February 2005
A health study to improve and promote health services for gay men is seeking more participants in younger and older age groups.

 Participants sought for AKL gay men's health study
Posted in: Living Well  11th September 2004
Gay men are being sought for a University of Auckland study which is aimed at improving and promoting health services for gay men.

 P is For Poison
Posted in: Living Well  11th September 2003
P might seem to deliver a high intensity buzz, but it scrambles dopamine receptors in one's nerve cells, so pain and pleasure reception is seriously impaired.