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Events's Guide to Cocktails
By Matt Akersten
8th October 2008 - 05:31 pm

Shake it baby shake it! We propped up the bar at New Zealand's queerest drinking hotspots to find out which cocktails were unique and popular.

Here's some old favourites and a few new delectables to discover. Cheers!



Your friendly host Rodney in Ponsonby – and his sister Doreen who is strangely never seen at the same time as him – loves mixing up a camp concoction.

"My two favorite cocktails at Dorothy's Sister are two that are unique to our bar," he says proudly.

They are:

Mount Gay Peach Tea

In a Collins Glass (tumbler)

Top with ice


45ml mount gay rum

15ml peach snapps

a couple of slices of lemon

then top with Lipton peach ice tea.

A lovely drink that's very easy to drink, especially on a hot summers day.

Glinda's Demise

Made in a flute

Add 15ml 42 below feijoa vodka

About 7ml butterscotch snapps

And then top with the champagne of your choice

"This one gets me into trouble when I drink it, but boy is it nice," giggles Rodney.



Predictably, the bar staff at Auckland's busy gay nightclub say the most popular cocktails are the ones with the most alcohol in them!

Family customers love:

Long Island Iced Tea


½ part gin

½ part Tequila

½ part Triple sec

½ part white rum

1 part vodka

And a dash of lime juice, lemon juice and sugar syrup.

Shake it all together with ice and top up with Coke.

And the most popular shot is of course:

The Quick Fuck

Fill a shot glass 2/3 with Midori melon liqueur, then top up with Baileys Irish Cream:




The bar staff in Hamilton's queer club have two shots which are unique to the venue and are very popular:

Shine Lipo-Suck

Half fill a shot glass with Vok strawberry liqueur, then pour over Vok Advokaat using a circular motion to gently swirl the two. Stand a cocktail straw straight up in the centre of the thick liquid. Punter sucks the liquid through the straw without using their hands.

"So named because the drink looks like the fat and blood mixture removed during liposuction!" Thanks for that.

Fag Hag

1 part Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, 1 part Vok butterscotch schnapps.

"This one was created for the Miss Fag Hag Waikato pageant and popular ever since. It's so named because many fag hags are a bit on the buttery side and all of them are nuts."



Of course, Auckland's popular women's night doesn't do cocktails – they do pussytails instead!

Hostess Sarah says they enjoy:

The Flirt

SKYY Vodka, Triple Sec, Mint, Ginger Beer and Sugar Syrup

Pussy Power

42 Below Feijoa, Apple Juice and Lemon

Lipstick Cosmo

SKYY Vodka, Cointreu, Cranberry, Red bull and Fresh Lemon

Lickher Delight

42 Below Feijoa, Fresh Lime, Cranberry and Apple Sourz



Not too many cocktails get ordered at Auckland's Sohomo nights, but the promoters say "we do enjoy a good Pimm's":


One part Pimm's and two parts lemonade with a good amount of mint leaves.




Miss Mole will have her handsome barkeeper mix you up a treat at Christchurch's camp community bar on Manchester Street:

Miss Mole's Blue Lagoon

Mix a lot of vodka

A bit of Blue Curacao

A bit of lemonade

A slice of lemon

And a red cherry ("and don't we all love to pop a cherry," laughs Mole)

Serve in a Martini glass with a chunk of ice.

"This is our most popular drink, but have two of them and you'll be on your back," promises Mole.



Wellington's newest gay nightclub is poised to open very soon… they promise! In the meantime, here's the drink recipes they've been working on – to help wet your appetite.

Ivy's Nectar

30ml Passion fruit vodka

10ml vanilla liqueur

½ bsp honey

10ml lime juice

Topped with ginger beer

Method: Rim a collins glass with honey. Add all ingredients to collins glass and half top with ice. Stir, top with ice, then top with ginger beer. Stir again and serve.

Ivy Green

30ml Feijoa vodka

20ml apple sours

6-8 fresh mint leaves

20ml apple juice

5ml lemon juice

Method: Chill a martini glass, and prepare garnish. Lightly muddle mint leaves in a boston glass, and add all remaining ingredients. Top with ice, and shake sharply for 8-10 seconds. Double strain, and garnish with an apple wheel.

Sex with the Bartender

15ml coconut rum

15ml triple sec

15ml lime juice

1 splash of grenadine syrup   (a syrup made from pomegranate juice.)

Lemonade, lemons, and limes

1 splash Irish cream

Method: Mix rum, triple sec, lime juice, grenadine and lemonade. Serve in Highball Glass. Garnish with lemon and lime, then splash Irish cream down the middle.



Pink cocktails are the order of the day for Air New Zealand's Pink Flight from Auckland to Sydney Mardi Gras each March. Let your glamorous hostesses Buckwheat and Miss Ribena treat you to:

Dolce & Gabbana

45mls 42BELOW Passionfruit Vodka

20mls pink grapefruit juice

20mls lemon juice

10mls sugar syrup – or 2 teaspoons of sugar

3 wedges of lime

& white sugar

Method: Prepare your Martini glass by wiping a little wedge of lime around the rim, and placing it into a saucer of white sugar. Squeeze the lime wedges into a cocktail shaker, add sugar and lemon, and stir. Then add the vodka and juice, fill with ice, and shake. Then strain into your rimmed glass. Enjoy!

Bottoms up! But are there any great drinks we've missed? Let us know the recipe for your favourite or uniquely created cocktail and we'll add the best ones to this page. Get in touch by clicking the 'Contact Us' link below.

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