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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Review: ATC's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Posted in: Performance  13th July 2008
Strong performances are at odds with ill-advised updating and relocation... and the homo character is the biggest casualty.

 Review: 'Laramie' - theatre you must, must see
Posted in: Performance  5th June 2008
Stunning performances by a confident cast show how the poison of homophobia can lead to catastrophic results for victims and communities.

 Ellerslie Theatre stages The Laramie Project
Posted in: Performance  4th June 2008
He was tied to a fence, beaten, and left to die... simply because he was gay. Matthew Shepard's fate ripped a small Wyoming farming town apart.

 Review: Priscilla's glittering Opening Night
Posted in: Performance  28th May 2008
Kitten Power was in the Auckland celeb-laden crowd at the Civic last night for a show that took camp fun to a whole new level...

 Auckland Music Theatre: Putting it Together
Posted in: Performance  14th May 2008
Hot on the heels of their recent success staging gay urban fairytale 'Beautiful Thing', Auckland Music Theatre brings us another stunner.

 Sensible Susan and the Queen's Merkin
Posted in: Performance  6th May 2008
This morality play about a wardrobe, a mission and a Queen's pubic wig was a hit at the Fringe Fest. Catch it now at Wellington's Downstage Theatre.

 Review: Bare at Hamilton's Riverlea Theatre
Posted in: Performance  4th May 2008
There's enough teenage angst on stage to give the audience terminal acne, and the boy on boy plot is performed as unapologetically as it is written.

 Bare in Hamilton: "Raw, gritty, and a little bit raunchy"
Posted in: Performance  29th April 2008
Two Catholic boarding school boys struggle for acceptance when they fall in love, in a new pop opera at Hamilton's Riverlea Theatre.

 Review: Naughty fairies in Shakespeare's dreamy comedy
Posted in: Performance  14th March 2008
A memo to Puck the sex-slave hobgoblin: "Please be careful where you spill your love-juice."

 Review: Tangled, tainted and texted LUV
Posted in: Performance  5th March 2008
Laugh and cringe along with a gay reality telly 'star', a tit-flashing league groupie, a text stalker and a plastic surgery face gone hideously wrong.