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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Ian the Antichrist – a black coming-of-age comedy

Posted in: Performance
By Matt Akersten - 18th July 2008

Todd Morgan as Ian the Antichrist
He's a modern-day Antichrist, made of mankind's deadliest sins… just not the manly ones.

A new black comedy that tackles the taboo subjects of religion and sexuality head-on, student production Ian the Antichrist debuts at Auckland's Cross Street Studios from 23-26 July.

The play deals with Ian's issues as he approaches his eighteenth birthday – having to deal with the pressures of an overbearing father, coming to terms with his gay sexuality and trying to find a single evil bone in his body.

Set between a house party and the boardroom of E.V.A.L. Corp., along for the ride are Ian's man-hating best friend Jenny, and the new love of his life, Jesus, a gay teen who doesn't know how to tell his parents he's not Catholic.

Under the influence of the black arts, all three friends are on a collision course with fate.

"This play shows that coming out can some times be as hard as telling you're parents you don't want to be the embodiment of all evil," producer Gibb Seabrook cheekily explains.

"We approached a church to see if we could play it there and were told 'This play is just blasphemous. You can't do a play about the antichrist, and he wouldn't be gay'. Makes you wonder how clearly the church understands its policies on homosexuality."

Following his adaptation of Eric Bogosian's Suburbia, student director Roderick D. Morgan steps perilously close to the edge of theatre's fringe with his hilarious script, based on an un-real life story. Morgan directs seasoned actors Todd Morgan (as Ian), Jonathan Reilly, Elana McNeill and Patrick Graham (as Ian's demonic father Balthazar) in this dogmatic coming-of-age story with a dark twist.


Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 July 2008, 7.30pm

Cross Street Studios, 27 Cross Street (just behind K' Road), Auckland City

Tickets $10 on the door

Matt Akersten - 18th July 2008