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Wednesday 08 October 2008

The Bats and The Belfry

Posted in: Comment
By Craig Young - 31st August 2008

A panel from Chick's 'The Birds & the Bees'. See the rest on the link below this article
Chick Publications produces nauseating numbers of anti-gay (hell, just plain misanthropic as well) tragic little tracts for distribution around fundamentalist churches, schools ad nauseum. For a pleasant diversion, I thought I'd provide a sample exegesis of one such effort, The Birds and The Bees.

The tract opens in either a kindergarten or primary school, I'm not sure which one. Ms. Henn, the teacher, introduces an elderly, ghastly looking gay couple with bad hairstyles, too much finger jewelry, and awful jackets. And they're dentists, so they must be evil.

Anyway, one of them calls his partner his "wife", they discuss their forthcoming adoption of a child, and then refer to the impending imprisonment of anyone who disagrees with them. For calling them "queer," one little boy gets sent to the principal's office. Incidentally, the couple are accompanied by two central casting 'devils', one with a dated cloney handlebar moustache, while the other is legless.

After school/kindie, self-righteous bigot-in-training Little Susie delivers a prolonged diatribe which can be summarised in the words, Sodom and Gomorrah, hellfire and brimstone, demonic possession, more amputee demons, lots of violence, and unpretty gay men. However, the angels are cute, for some reason. As for Lot, why is it that Mr Chick doesn't carry on the biblical Sodom and Gomorrahmyth to the point where Lot's daughters drug him, have sex with him, and secure progeny through heterosexual incest? Funny, that.

Anyway, the kiddies are converted. Little Susie says she's 'sorry' that everyone who fell for the gay 'propaganda' from the badly dressed 'gay couple' will burn in hell, but tough. Oh, and there's an unpleasant reference to 'making people gay'- which isn't surprising because Chick uses Paul Cameron as his source material, according to his website.

How charming. Not. And they foist these nasty little scaremongering tracts on innocent children...

Craig Young - 31st August 2008