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Wednesday 08 October 2008

A workout fit for a drag queen!

Posted in: Features, Living Well
By Julz Darroch - 7th July 2008

Cackling all the way to the gym: Felisha from Finale
Calling all drag divas… Be the best 'cock in a frock' you can be with our fitness guru Julz Darroch's workout tips for trannies!

This morning I learnt that if you google 'drag queen workout' you will discover that Kelly Osbourne is planning to release a 'campy' workout DVD, and that if you click on anything after google search 'drag queen workout' page 9 it's just like being Gerald on Shortland Street!

Overall, very slim pickings on the world wide web for a girl in need of a bit of a makeover.

Now, I don't claim to be an expert in dressing up in women's clothing so I'm going to have to leave that side of things for someone else.

What I do claim to be is an expert in making the universe a better place by making the gay community better to look at and I won't stop until my job is done!

So here are a few tips to get you 'red carpet ready'…


Not just nice to look at, a good strong set of abdominals is the key to balance and stability. Good abs will also help with keeping yourself erect if you lose balance on those high heels, therefore preventing you from ending in a heap, with your legs in the air (essential if you are not wearing undies).

Make friends with a Swiss ball (I'm referring to the exercise variety not a black tie event in the alps) and you'll get movement through your lower back for that casual swing through the hips.


Lip-syncing does not count as a workout. Getting your heart rate up will trim your flabby bits so you can give those beige foundation garments back to Nana.

It also makes physical activity easier as less sweating means you'll need to reapply your makeup less often, you'll save a fortune!


Don't even bother with chest exercises, any chest muscles are just going to make your lack of other chest assets more apparent, think shoulders back, ass out and let a good pushup bra do what nature didn't.

Lower Body

One of the advantages of high heels shoes is the rocking lower leg workout that makes straight women the world over jealous, so don't go switching to flats! Besides, a good pair of heels feels just as comfy as a pair of trainers after a couple of vodkas (and you can't feel your feet at all after a dozen more).

There are too many benefits in a tight butt to even scratch the surface, so to speak, but from a visual point of view, a pert wee tushy is going to make your legs look longer, and give the impression of a nice inward curve in your lower back. If you are a fan of backless numbers then get to work on those lunges lovely!!

Don't forget that looking fabulous is a competitive sport, and what with the Olympics AND the Queen of the Whole Universe pageant coming up in the second part of the year you best be off the internet and start training… (you can do that google search before you go).

Julz Darroch is a Wellington-based Personal Trainer and Fitness Educator who uses her 15 years experience in the fitness industry as an excuse to regularly torture Steve Gray and the Good Morning team live on TVOne each Tuesday. Send your fitness-related questions and personal training enquiries to .

Julz Darroch - 7th July 2008