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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

27th June 2008

Church and State: New Zealand and Australia

Posted by: Craig Young

Serendipitously, Australia and New Zealand both have news items related to different sides of the faith/state separation barrier. Let’s begin with the good news.

Graham Capill isn’t going to be paroled. According to the Fairfax Stuff website portal, the Parole Board is unconvinced that he’s not still a risk to children. The article recounted the story of his conviction and nine year prison sentence for rape of three female children during his time as Christian Heritage Party leader. Those victims understandably thought that he might still present such a risk, and it is good to see that their input was treated with such gravity and seriousness.

The Department of Corrections and Rolleston Prison was not prepared to release Capill until he attended a Kia Marama child abuse prevention programme, although Capill’s lawyer, Jonathon Eaton, raised the issue of whether Capill could be released at the same time as attending a STOP child abuse prevention education programme.

However, I was concerned to see that some members (of the fundamentalist community???) wanted his early release. I find this further indication of the lack of comprehension of the gravity and seriousness of paedophilia and endemic ‘cheap grace’ for members of the fundamentalist community who commit grievous criminal offences.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a Commonwealth Senate committee is divided over whether the Commonwealth Parliament should repeal that nation’s federal anti-euthanasia ban on the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory being able to make their own laws on the subject. Three ALP senators support such amendments, while another ALP senator and three Liberal senators oppose removing the anti-euthanasia ban. Federal ALP PM Kevin Rudd is also anti-euthanasia. Federal Green Senator Bob Brown, a gay man, is the prime mover behind the proposal.

“Parole Denied: Capill Still A Risk to the Community:

Michelle Grattan: “Battle looms over euthanasia bill” Melbourne Age: 27.06.08:

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