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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

27th June 2008

Film Festival Fare: 37th Wellington Intl Film Festival

Posted by: Craig Young

Thanks to a copy of the 37th Wellington International Film Festival programme, I can report that there are two excellent gay-themed documentaries available on two pioneering gay male figures in the creative arts screening this year.

Celebrated Black British independent film-maker Isaac Julien has produced Derek, a beautiful and lyrical homage to the late Derek Jarman, who died from AIDS in 1994. This retrospective tribute celebrates his life through incorporating an interview, several extracts from his films, and the inimitable Tilda Swinton reminisces about her role as the muse to the pioneering British independent gay filmmaker as well as noting the changes in London since his death, both for better and for worse.

The Universe of Keith Haring is a Franco-Italian documentary about Keith Haring, a brilliant graphic artist whose graffiti and street art inspired work transferred easily into the art world, and was much in demand, with positive responses to his celebratory imagery. He partied with Andy Warhol, Grace Jones and Madonna during the halcyon New York late seventies and early eighties, before dying tragically young from AIDS at 31.

Further details on both films can be found at:

The New Zealand Film Festival Website:

Screening Times:

Derek: Sunday 20 July (i) 12.15 pm (ii) 8.30 pm

Universe of Keith Haring: Thursday 31 July 12.30 pm: Saturday 2 Aug 11.15 am.

Also Recommended:

Derek: The Movie:

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