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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

25th June 2008

Pope Alice: Interplanetary Voyeur Extraordinary!

Posted by: Craig Young

Who is that Masked Pope? No, not Joe Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI- I’m talking about the far more faaaaaaaabulous Pope Alice, a performance pontiff who landed on our planet several millenia ago, and will pope up at the forthcoming No to the Pope Coalition demo against her antithesis in Sydney during World Youth Day.

Pope Alice says that she arrived on Earth from Metalluna, which I always thought was the name of a wartorn planet which exploded after a savage interplanetary war in This Island Earth, a fifties SF movie classic.  Be that as it may, the alien papess fell through a black hole and landed near Uluru, in Alice Springs (which was named after her) and hence travelled around ancient Atlantis and Mu (a hypothetical Pacific lost continent), before returning to Oz in the vicinity of Sydney.

Her Holiness is about to preside over the sterling efforts of the No to the Pope Coalition, which consists of Christians, atheists, feminists and others who generally don’t like the Vatican’s hidebound views about abortion, homosexuality, feminism and responsible sexual behaviour through condom use.  At present, they consist of Metropolitan Community Church, Atheists Sydney, Community Action Against Homophobia and the Socialist Alliance, among other groups. Hey, no website! Uncool.

As for World Youth Day, Pope Benedict is scheduled to popejet in and preside over the gatherings, which will take place in mid-July. One of the excellent points that the NTPC makes is that $110 million could have been spent on community services. About a quarter of all Australians (which number twenty-one million! Eek!!!) identify as Roman Catholic, although about nineteen percent identify as having no religious abode.

Why does Australia do these sorts of political satire far better than we do? Granted, there was Brian Tamariki and his Density Church, but sadly, they seem to have decamped.


Pope Alice’s website:

“Protestors to hand Catholics condoms as Pope visits Australia” Yahoo News: 24.06.08:

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