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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

29th July 2008

US: Unitarian Church Shooting Tragedy

Posted by: Craig Young

 Unitarianism tends to be a strongly liberal, decent and humane faith. It is broad in its ambit, and includes secular humanist, religious humanist, pagan and liberal christian currents. It ordained its first gay minister as long ago as 1974, and has been strongly suppportive of LGBT efforts for same-sex marriage.

Sadly, the US Unitarian Universalist religious community was rocked by tragedy two days ago when a lone gunman, Jim David Adkison (58), entered the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church during a children’s play, Annie Jr, and shot eight people, two of whom are now deceased. Elderly Greg McKendry (60) tried to shield the others, and became Adkison’s first victim, dying on the scene. Linda Kraegar (61) was a subsequent casualty of this rampage.

Adkisson remains in jail, and a million dollar bond has been posted. Public Defender Mark Stephens has been assigned to defend Adkison. Ideological incompatability may have been the excuse for Adkison’s murderous rampage, given his alleged right-wing “Old South” views and alleged economic difficulties.

Five people are still in hospital, while a ninth person was not hit by gunfire but suffered subsequent related injuries. One other gunfire victim was  treated and released. One can only send condolences to the members of the Tennessee Valley UU Church on this senseless shooting and the deaths of two attendees at what should have been an innocent children’s play.


“Church Shooting suspect angry with job search, liberals” CNN: 28.07.08:

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