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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

27th July 2008

Holy Camp Fires, Batman!!!

Posted by: Craig Young

At the very time that The Dark Knight opens in movie theatres, enter the spectre of the sixties Camp Crusader, his silly Silver Age counterpart. Why does the Camp Crusader haunt the visibly butcher, noir Batman of today?

pinkbatman-thumb-250×348.jpgAfter the forties, Batman and Robin went slightly tamer. They became more committed to advanced technology when they fought crime, instead of muscular combat sessions, and their supervillain stoushes became increasingly convoluted, as did the supervillain outfits. At one point, Batman donned several rainbow coloured outfits! Unfortunately for Bats, the red one has turned pink with discolouration, leading to all sorts of questions about the real meaning of the “Rainbow (!!!) Batman”(!!!)

Comic book morals crusader Frederic Wertham had blown open the closet door, alluding to the absence of female relatives in their palatial manor, sharing quarters, tending to each others wounds, and lounging around in dressing gowns. But worse still, they dressed up in costumes, engaged in secretive behaviour, and apparently had little interest in women! Well, there was Vicki Vale, and Catwoman, although her tendency toward leather fetishist costumes raised other questions. Then along came the sixties Batgirl, who she always seemed to be tying up for some reason.  Holy Bat-closets!!!

To remedy this, they introduced Batwoman I and Batgirl, trying to straighten things out. When that didn’t work, there was a major sea change, in which Dick Grayson finally reached eighteen, went off to Hudson University, and subsequently became involved with the voluptuous Koriand’r (Starfire), his female Teen Titans companion. Ironically, Batwoman II (Kate Kane) is high femme and lesbian, in her latest incarnation.

Meanwhile, Bats has an unexpected offspring, Damian, and has turned into a borderline psychopath. Well, hey, at least he’s not gay anymore, right…?

For some amusing Silver Age Batman comic covers and frames taken wildly out of context, try this link:

Tyrion Lannister: “Bilerico Project: When Batman was Gay” 24.07.08:

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