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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

31st July 2008

New South Wales: A State of Confusion

Posted by: Craig Young

New South Wales is becoming the “New” Queensland, according to one highly article about the Iemma administration’s disgraceful record of incompetence, badly drafted legislation (like the Catholic World Youth Day attacks on free speech, human rights and civil liberties) and any pretence that this allegedly social democratic state government is in any sense “progressive.”

Added to which, there’s an ongoing row between state trade unions and the state governmment over the latter’s plan to privatise electricity sources, at a time when fuel prices are hitting many consumers in the pocket book. Even worse, NSW Treasurer Michael Costa is a vehement climate change denier at a time when the federal Rudd administration is trying to make headway on this important environmental issue.

As one might guess, the real culprit is the Australian Labor Party’s byzantine and bewildering array of factions. Understandably, Wood is infuriated that NSW Young Labor (the state ALP youth wing) consists predominantly of factional ‘rotten boroughs’, and have turned it into a conveyor belt feeding aspirants for MHR and MLA status into State Parliament, without tapping legitimate youth concerns like climate change, human rights and education.

Looking at the Iemma administration’s sorry state, I am strongly reminded of Mike Moore’s ‘cuckoo’ role during the mid-nineties, during which time he tried to introduce the ALP factionalist madness here through creating his own populist personality cult. Fortunately, Helen Clark survived his spiteful and embittered attacks, and has become one of New Zealand’s longest serving Labour Prime Ministers- whereas Moore lost two general elections (albeit narrowly, in the second instance).


Nick Wood: “The Rot Sets in Early in the ranks of NSW Labor” Sydney Morning Herald: 29.07.08:

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  • 1 Craig Young // Sep 15, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    And of course, neither lasted. Shortly after Iemma sacked Costa, he himself was toppled and replaced by Nathan Rees, the new ALP State Premier…


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