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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

26th August 2008

Church and State in Canada and Australia

Posted by: Craig Young

And in a mixed bag this morning, there are events aplenty in Canada, as federal Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper prepares for a general election which his party may not even win, after only a single term of office.

It is uncertain what this will mean for Onsite, the recovery and detoxification facility that is part of the controversial Vancouver Insite safe injecting facility for IV drug users in Vancouver’s impoverished Downtown Eastside. Giving the lie to Harper administration rhetoric about attention to drug abstinence and recovery programmes, the Toronto Globe and Mail notes that in British Columbia, and Canada as a whole, such programmes are desperately underfunded. Onsite itself is operating at full capacity.

And happily, the Harper administration has scrapped the “Unborn Victims Protection Bill,” which would have made embryos and fetuses ‘victims’ of violent crime in ‘their own right’- and opened the door for malicious anti-abortionist harrassment and prosecution¬†of pregnant women with substance abuse problems, instead of persuading them into programmes to assist them through substance abuse detox and recovery, pregnancy and any post-childbirth needs.

Meanwhile, across the ditch, the Queensland Catholic hierarchy has hit out at St Marys Catholic Church in Brisbane. Both Queensland Pride and the Courier Mail carried the story that this liberal Catholic church and its three hundred parishioners and priest were threatened by its closure. The church doesn’t tow the party line and blesses same-sex relationships, and even had a statuette of the Buddha present until a conservative parishioner vandalised it. Apart from the current pope, whose praiseworthy diligence on this issue should be acknowledged, why is it that the Catholic hierarchy beneath him has such a perverse sense of priorities? Rather than enforce ridiculous dogma against acknowledgement of Catholic lesbian and gay relationships, it’d be nice to have some clarity and sense of proportion and gravity when it comes to clergy paedophilia, rather than conceal and protect paedophile priests.

However, it would be amiss of me to argue that sexual hypocrisy is limited to Roman Catholicism alone. There is currently an amusing case involving a fundamentalist minister ‘addicted’ to erotic media, also in Australia.

In Adelaide, Michael Guggliamucci faked terminal cancer elaborately, conning his family with emails from non-existent medical practitioners and has had his credentials as an Australian Christian Churches itinerant minister revoked. Apparently, his ‘addiction’ made Guggliamucci lose his hair and develop eating problems. It took eleven days before the Pentecostal Edge Church acknowledged the falsehood involved in Guggliamucci’s feigned ‘cancer’ case, and he’s currently in hiding, seeking psychiatric assistance for his ‘addiction’ problem. He’s said he will co-operate with the police. He’s also in trouble for a “Christian music” “hit” entitled Healer, whose proceeds will be donated to charity.¬†

Meanwhile, all’s quiet on the New Zealand front. For now…


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