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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

1st September 2008

Preview: Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn: Manly (2008)

Posted by: Craig Young

 Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn: Manly: Berlin: Bruno Guemunder: 2008:

What’s French for yum, yum, I want one? Bruno Guemunder is noted for its lavish high-quality, expensive homoerotica, and Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn have excelled themselves with the tantalising Manly.¬† According to the preview below, it’s about to materialise on Amazon, and the sample art is delectable.

The graphic novel involves lovingly detailed scenarios of sex amongst men. In Busted, a silver fox cop meets a helpful bear who assists him to apprehend a fugitive, and then gives him another sort of (ahem) “helping hand.” In Clinch, a Latino and Italian boxer find new meanings for the term “boxing ring.” And Hot Librarian…well, self-explanatory, really…

Coburn’s facial expressions are to die for, as are the scenes of post-coital awkwardness. So, what happened next to the men? Unlike certain appendages, we’re left…hanging


Earlier Manly Preview:

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