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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

28th May 2008

NZAF Positive Health: Duronavir/Prezista Medical Advice

Posted by: Craig Young

 As part of our continuing coverage of the Duronavir/Prezista protease inhibitor/liver toxicity issue, here’s some feedback from Eamonn Hughes, NZAF’s Positive Health Manager:

 I have been in touch with NAPWA and Tibotec in regards to this, as well as reviewing relevant documentation and contacting the other members of the Treatment Officer Network in Australia.

In a communication with Tibotec they said

 We did discuss this issue with a couple of the NZ Ad Board members last time we were in NZ. I left a few voice mail messages for you at the same time to give you a heads-up that were going to be drafting a statement and were in discussions with the TGA over here about what they thought we should be saying. All this was only resolved locally recently.

Thanks for the communication to check if there is any new data. I can tell you that there are around 25,000 people currently receiving Prezista round the world including 3000 who have been studies in clinical trials. It’s the 3000 people studied in trials that gives us the data that is currently being referenced in the media. We have had some post marketing reports but causality cannot be established due to multiple concurrent medications and illnesses and so we shouldn’t extrapolate from the 25,000 people in total on Prezista as this was not in the context of a clinical trial program.

Again apologies for not chasing you up further when I got back to Australia. We should have copied you in when we notified NAPWA . I just got back from 3 weeks leave this week so I’ll put something in place to ensure you get things the same time as everyone else in future.

I am aware that they (tibotec) are having discussions with several clinicians in NZ as well as the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Advisory Committee on how to best meet the needs of PLWHA in a way that is sustainable and transparent .Access to Prezista (Duranavir / TM 114) in New Zealand is via a Compassionate Supply program for those who have limited options due to a resistance to other medications.

Both the NAPWA statement and the ASHM one  . are very good in accessing more information and the advice I am giving to those on Duranavir in NZ much the same, firstly do not discontinue any medication, but if you have concerns go to your HIV prescribing Specialist and discuss with them.

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