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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Proclamations of the Red Queen

29th May 2008

Sydney: Rancid Religious Rightists at Rooty Hill

Posted by: Craig Young

At the amusingly named Sydney suburb of (…) “Rooty Hill,” a certain familiar international Christian Right pressure group has just fired one of its gay employees after he came out to the organisation- Youth With A Mission.New Zealanders may recognise YWAM New Zealand as the organisation founded by Kiwi Party leader and secretary Larry Baldock and Bernie Ogilvy, former members of the United Future caucus until they joined Gordon Copeland after he broke from the latter over Peter Dunne’s support for the anti-belting bill.If this had occurred in New Zealand, something could have been done. Our Human Rights Act 1993 contains no exemptions except in terms of religious ordination and counselling services. However, New South Wales’ legislation does contain such an offending clause. Young African-American Shane Stoner (22) is being threatened with deportation by the proprietors of the YWAM Island Breeze City Mission. Stoner sought help from Sydney LGBT youth agency 20/10, and sought refuge at a Newtown men’s shelter.  The case is currently under appeal. 

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