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Wednesday 08 October 2008

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5th March 2008

Kitten Power on Cat Power

Posted by: Kitten Power

The origin of my name for this blog “Kitten Power” is mostly tribute to one of my favourite musicians Cat Power, real name Chan Marshall, who I finally saw play live for the first time last night at The Powerstation in Auckland. 

Marshall is completely beautiful and she has a voice so sweet and stellar it overcame even the dodgy sound that beset The Powerstation last night.  She channels more blues than a one-legged guitar playing dog in the heart of Memphis.  Her swagger and charm were backed by what many people would see as a dream back up from The Dirty Delta Blues Band, featuring the likes of Judah Bauer from the Blues Explosion.   

Her latest covers album Jukebox was the centre of the show, with the dreamy version of New York, New York,which is made so mellow you can barely pick it as the same song performed by Liza Minnelli or Frank Sinatra.  My favourite from that album is actually a Hank Williams cover, Rambling (Wo)man, despite the fact that I am not at all a Hank Williams fan.  It’s testament to Marshall’s ability to take a song and rip its seams apart and sew up something new, while still keeping the original heart of it intact.

Marshall also played a number of songs from her last album The Greatest, including my favourite sweet ballad Where is My Love?  Even her own songs were given cover treatment, with her vocals slowed down and bluesed up a little bit.  She is one artist who I doubt will ever get bored with her own songs.

Cat Power played for a huge two hours and proved she has overcome both the stage fright and alcoholism that have apparently hampered her in the past. 

Granted it was a long show, but it’s always funny what you overhear at concerts.  There was one woman behind me who was raving on early in the set to some guy about how she had never even heard of Cat Power.  The pair then proceeded to sit in a corner and chat for the rest of the show.  At $60 a ticket - what a waste of money!

What’s on Kitten Power’s headphones?  Jukebox, by Cat Powerjukeboxsmall.jpg

It’s always nice to re-live a concert afterwards.  But for anyone who hasn’t heard Cat Power yet or hasn’t heard her new covers album, it’s worth a listen.  It features covers of songs from James Brown, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Hank Williams, Billie Holiday and Joni Mitchell, plus her original Song To Bobby which is about Bob Dylan.

If you’re looking for a gentler introduction to her work, try her most popular album The Greatest.

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3 responses so far ↓

  • 1 popular // Mar 6, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    i wish id gone to this concert now, ta for review

  • 2 Lisa // Mar 17, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    hey dude, i have photos/review/video of the gig if you wanna relive it from someone else’s prospective (someone who paid 60 bucks and drove ten hours for the honour of seeing the gig)

  • 3 Kitten Power // Mar 25, 2008 at 8:14 am

    Oh your pictures and review are wicked - thanks for sharing. Nothing like a good old road trip huh?!

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