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Wednesday 08 October 2008

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24th April 2008

Lucky you’re so beautiful, Scarlett Johansson

Posted by: Kitten Power

scarlett-small.jpgSo there’s been a bit of hype around for awhile about Scarlett Johansson releasing an album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, which is a Tom Waits tribute with one original track.  I heard a version she did of Summertime a little while back and thought it was pretty nice, so I had high hopes for her upcoming album.

However I have been listening to some samples of her covers and I’m far from impressed, in fact I’m entirely underwhelmed.  What has been produced is a mish-mash loud synthesizers over Johansson’s barely-audible voice, which she’s pushed down deeper than sounds natural.  The album actually sounds like it’s inspired by that song Kokomo, you know “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya . . .”

Let’s make it clear that I have a real soft spot for Waits, who to me is all whiskey and gravel and goodness.  I was introduced to his music by my current girlfriend and love of my life.  We’ve since spent plenty of nights painting, drinking, smoking and get real laid back while listening to Tom.  Here’s an example of who he is, megaphone included:

While Scarlett Johansson was super cute as the kid in The Horse Whisperer and great in Lost in Translation, she’s now taken a step into towards that hazy popular part of the entertainment world I attempt to avoid, almost (but not quite) into the irredeemable company of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and slobbering paparazzi hounds.  No matter how great your producers are and how many incredible guest artists you have, if you don’t have a great voice you can’t be a singer. 

While it’s not awful, there is just nothing memorable to Scarlett’s voice.  It’s monotonous and dull and boring, no spark, no fire.  The irony is that if you’ve seen Jim Jarmusch’s brilliant Down By Law you might be able to make a strong case that Waits trumps Johansson in the acting stakes anyway!But there’s always hope there will be a few hot music videos, which I for one will be probably watching on mute.  Stick to being gorgeous Miss Johansson - leave singing to the singers.Which brings me to what really is floating my boat right now - the new album from Portishead; Third.  It’s stunning.  Do yourself a favour and buy a copy.  Beth Gibbons - now that is one woman with a hot, hot voice.Meanwhile, if you want to hear some fun Scarlett Johansson inspired music, try this track from The Teenagers “Starlett Johansson.”

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  • 1 Craig Young // Apr 25, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    Oddly enough, Scarlett also popped up when I went to see St Trinians yesterday, with one of the more vacant young women asking if that Vermeer was her…

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