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Wednesday 08 October 2008

2007's best gay music… with a slight lesbian skew!

Posted in: Music
By Kitten Power - 10th January 2008

Uh Huh Her
Listen up as Kitten Power presents all the campiest, funkiest, most 'out' - and of course the greatest lesbian - hit songs of '07.

2007 Gay Anthem: Mika, Grace Kelly

Is he gay, isn't he gay . . . who cares! He is singing about wanting to be Grace Kelly!

Drag show and gay club favourite: Rihanna, Umbrella

Unsurprisingly, it was the number one song of 2007 overall and sparked endless weather analogies in the media. It will probably take most of 2008 to get that catchy stutter "ella ella eh eh eh" out of my head. Watch the clip here.

Aotearoa Pride Award: Anika Moa

One of New Zealand's most visible musicians came out making herself one of New Zealand's most visible lesbians. Did it hurt her album sales? Not a bit! Is mainstream radio still playing her stuff? Of course! The Blind Woman, from In Swings The Tide, is one of the sweetest songs I heard in 2007. (Congratulations also go to bi singer Missy Higgins across the ditch)

Best gay album/s: Rufus Wainwright

The beautiful Rufus Wainwight has put out two stunning albums this year. The shivers up the spine-inducing Release The Stars, was followed by live album Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall, a remake of the gay icon's famous 1961 concert. Both are pure gold. Wainwright will perform in Auckland on 4 February.

Concert of the year: Gossip at the Kings Arms

Hands down, no arguments. Never before have I been to a show where a female musician stripped down to her underwear and let a pile of the crowd jump onto the stage with her, while still somehow managing to sing. For me, Peaches at the Big Day Out would be in second place. I know many would say Pink's concert should be up there, but I didn't go, sorry.

Best Lesbian Pop Song: Tegan and Sara, Back In Your Head

These oh so hot Canadian lesbian twins (loving those tattoos!) sum it up for many lesbians I know when they state "I'm not unfaithful . .. but I'll stray . . . when I get a little scared." These two express perfectly in a catchy way the beautiful torture of lesbian love and relationships.

Best dance track and best video: Bonde Do Role, Marina Gasolina

Could you imagine the fun to be had with this funky Brazilian group at a party? Their lyrics are in Portuguese gay slang, with a bit of English chucked in and they have a song on their album With Lasers detailing what it would be like if James Bond was gay (he'd get in trouble from the Queen for wearing mascara) and this song Marina Gasolina with lyrics so very raunchy they were cut out of a Bonds ad after Portuguese speakers complained! Bonde Do Role were rumoured to be heading to NZ, but have pulled out of touring after some relationship troubles, with MC Marina ditching the band last month. Come on guys, work it out!

Best mashup: CSS vs L7, Pretend We're Alala

This mixes the L7 anthem Pretend That We're Dead with the fun Brazilian electro-rockers Cansei De Sei Sexy, who are a massive favourite on New Zealand's indie scene. It's genius. Listen to it on their MySpace page.

Hottest musical transman: The Cliks' Lucas Silveira

This Toronto group are led by transman Lucas Silveira, who has turned the heads of both men and women across the globe (and how great are the suits in this video?)

Breakout act: Uh Huh Her

The fact the gorgeous actress/musician who plays Alice on The L Word, Leisha Hailey, is half of this electropop act may be a big part in its instant following. But it's backed up by the music she has made, and recorded in a bathroom in fact, with Camila Grey. No album yet, just an EP, but a full length recording is bound to be on the way.

What do you think? Who are the glaring omissions? What was your favourite music last year? Let us know on's forum.
Kitten Power - 10th January 2008