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APRA Silver Scroll Awards

Media are generally banned from the APRA Silver Scroll Awards but Mika was
there taking some snaps of his own with all the award winners, hall of famers
and other fabulous musicians and artists.

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David_atai_mika_&_Bro D.JPG
David_atai_mika_&_Bro D
Debbie Harwood_Annie Crummer_Mika_&_BettyAnneMonga.JPG
Debbie Harwood_Annie Crummer_Mika_&_BettyAnneMonga
mika_Lyndah Le Pou_&_Tai Royal.JPG
mika_Lyndah Le Pou_&_Tai Royal
Suzanne Tamaki_Mika_&_Yuki.JPG
Suzanne Tamaki_Mika_&_Yuki
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