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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Rachael Le Mesurier: Condoms, campaigns and community
Posted in: HIV  6th November 2007
In a new podcast, the NZ AIDS Foundation's Executive Director chats about her background, passions, and the day-to-day fight for gay men's health.

 NZAF Board: Flawed and in need of change?
Posted in: HIV  3rd November 2007
The NZAF’s fundraising and events manager has resigned, and is now hoping to be elected onto the Foundation's Trust Board.

 Departing Chair charts AIDS Foundation's future
Posted in: HIV  1st November 2007
Our interview with Hoani Jeremy Lambert concludes with speculation on the upcoming role of the NZAF, and his personal future in the gay community.

 "My personal passion for the AIDS Foundation"
Posted in: HIV  30th October 2007
After eleven years as a volunteer, Hoani Jeremy Lambert will soon sever his formal connection with the organisation he says saved his life.

 "We ignore HIV increases amongst Maori at our peril"
Posted in: HIV  16th October 2007
The Maori Party says the NZAF concentrates on "gay white males" while increasing numbers of Maori men are being diagnosed. The NZAF responds...

 The problem with 'every-man-for-himself'
Posted in: HIV  26th June 2007
What happened to mutual care, to everyone trying to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS - rather than relying on the every-man-for-himself philosophy?

 Paula Brettkelly: embracing the sick and despised
Posted in: HIV  13th June 2007
Praise for the Queen's Birthday-honoured Catholic nun who stepped up to help gay and HIV positive folk. PLUS: a podcast interview giving insight into her compassion and commitment.

 AIDS Candle Light Memorial: St-Matthews-in-the-City
Posted in: HIV  21st May 2007
With the theme 'Lighting the Path to a brighter Future', on Sunday 20th May services around New Zealand united communities affected by HIV/AIDS. Here are our pictures from the Auckland Memorial.

 (Safe) Sex and the City: Helping stop HIV in Wellington
Posted in: HIV  10th May 2007
Chris Sibley has resigned as the NZAF's Wellington safe-sex promoter after almost three years. He says the work is difficult and staff need more support.

 Radio Rumble: the AIDS Foundation vs. John Tamihere Pt. 2
Posted in: HIV  20th April 2007
Tamihere shows little intellect or comprehension, Le Mesurier is cut off and advertiser Wet and Forget's spokesperson nearly pukes over defense of us 'tail gunners.'

 Radio Rumble: the AIDS Foundation vs. John Tamihere Pt. 1
Posted in: HIV  16th April 2007
The BSA sees nothing wrong with Tamihere’s endless anti-gay commentary, and glbt callers seem shy of taking him on, so NZAF boss Rachael Le Mesurier had a go.

 HIV Futures: Tracking the experience of living with HIV
Posted in: HIV  29th March 2007
What does it mean to be HIV positive? How does it affect the hundreds of NZ gay men who have the disruptive and still incurable disease? We're about to find out.

 Melbourne man accused of holding 'HIV conversion' parties
Posted in: HIV  28th March 2007
A psychiatrist who examined a man accused of deliberately spreading HIV told Victoria's Department of Human Services the father of three was the "most evil man I have seen in 20 years".

 Six years of increases - and now a decrease
Posted in: HIV  14th March 2007
For ten years the news has been increasingly bad... more and more locally contracted HIV. Here are 2006's slightly better figures in historical context.

 P and HIV resurgence - the link
Posted in: HIV  23rd February 2007
You do things when you're on meth (aka 'P') that you would never do sober. You drop your guard. Condoms? Forget about it. And HIV transmission starts going up again!