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The Chop:Lots of haircuts,no HIV-poz results
By Daily News Staff
6th October 2008 - 04:07 pm

The manager of Auckland HIV support service Body Positive says he was delighted to see almost 40 people HIV-tested at The Chop free hairstyling event at the weekend – with no HIV positive diagnoses.

The Chop: David Playle styles for a good cause

Bruce Kilmister says people turned up to Playle Hairdressing for The Chop at a steady pace all through the day on Saturday, having first received an HIV test at the nearby K' Road Clinic – administered by trained councilors who asked them about their sexual history as part of the testing procedure.

"Just about all of them who went for tests were very young," he says, "and we must admit we were shocked at the amount of unsafe sex they told us about."

Kilmister says he'd now like the event to happen each year. "I thought it was a great idea – and helped dispel the myths around having a test. It's better to know.

"We think it was an excellent promotion and we're very grateful to David Playle Hairdressing for making to happen," he says.

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