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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Veronica Mills: Wellington's favourite Fag-Hag 2008

Posted in: Hall of Fame
By - 28th January 2008

Vee Mills
Veronica (Vee) Mills, 22, recently beat over a dozen other straight ladies to take away the coveted title 'Miss Fag-Hag 2008' at a busy contest night in Wellington's SubNine club. It's no surprise she won - she says she loves fun times, fun things and most of all fun people, so she's never far from her gay male besties.

We got to know Vee a little better…

Congratulations on becoming Wellington's best Fag-Hag 2008! How was the competition night?

The night was pretty good. I'm always happy when I'm having a dance and a drink with the boys :) Winning a bar tab helped as well :)

What did you have to do on stage to win?

I had to get on stage and say why I should be Miss Fag Hag and then I had to dance alone on the stage for 30 secs. I had some help though because I made my darling Struan get up with me.

What do you think gave you the edge over all the other contestants?

I don't know that I really had an edge as such I just had heaps of supporters who cheered the loudest! All I could hear was them chanting my name.

Did you win any prizes? We see you got a sash!

Yeh I got my sash... and a Tiara! I also got a Pink and Spice Girls CD, two Glamazons DVD's, $100 bar tab and a pile of condoms.

What is a 'fag-hag'?

To be honest I'm not too sure. It's a girl who has great boy friends who are gay. Friends that they can laugh, party and cry with. It's great friend of the opposite sex without all that boy/girl crap that comes from straight relationships haha!

A typical night out with Vee...
Tell us about the gay guys in your life. How close are you? How often do you hang out?

There are way too many of them to mention and I love them all... I have my really close friends who I see or talk to on a daily basis and then the rest who I try to see as often as I can. I feel close to all of them even if I don't see them all the time. A few of them have named my car the Fag Hag Cab.

Do you get treated well when you go to a gay bar?

Always, I try not to give or take crap so I've never had any trouble.

What do you think of Wellington's gay nightlife?

I feel like its taken bit of a hit with Imerst closing so there isn't one club completely devoted to the scene. I think more could be done to shake it up! - 28th January 2008