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Wednesday 08 October 2008 Quick Quiz: The TV shows

Posted in: Television
By Matt Akersten - 18th September 2008

Ten quick questions to test yourLGBT television knowledge. No prizes, no awards, no public acclaim... just see how many you can answer correctly. Answers are printed in small type below the questions, but try not to peek as you test your knowledge!

Q1: Kit Porter on The L Word owns a café/bar that the girls hang out in. What's it called?

Q2: These camp cooks graced New Zealand TV with their popular show from 1976 until 1986. What are their full names?


Q3: Put these TVNZ gay shows in order of broadcast: The OutHouse, Queer Nation, Express Report, The Outlook and Kiwifruit.

Q4: One gay and one lesbian character have been murdered on Shortland Street. Who were they and how were they killed?

Q5: What's the name of the gay comic book crusader that Justin and Michael co-create in the American Queer as Folk?

Q6: What was flamboyant men's outfitter Mr. Humphries' catchphrase in Are You Being Served?

Q7: TV2's Torchwood features an action hero from the far future, who flirts with both genders (and some alien species too!). Name him.

Q8: Name the gay male dancer who helped Suzanne Paul and then Temepara George win the last two series of NZ's Dancing with the Stars.

Q9: Todd Grimshaw had a hard time coming out to his fiancé Sarah Platt in 2004. She ended up miscarrying his baby. Name the long-running TV drama the characters appeared in.

Q10: Name the character on The Simpsons who came out as lesbian in 2005.


A1: The Planet.

A2: Peter Hudson and David Halls.

A3: Express Report (1994-5), Queer Nation (1996-2004), The OutHouse (2005), Kiwifruit (2005-6) and The Outlook (2007).

A4: Gay doctor Geoff Greenlaw was bludgeoned and thrown in the chiller of a local bar in 2003, and lesbian bar manager Jay Copeland was knifed by serial killer Joey Henderson in 2007.

A5: Rage.

A6: "I'm free!"

A7: Captain Jack Harkness.

A8: Stefano Olivieri.

A9: Coronation Street. He was the first gay character in the show's five decade-spanning history, and his coming out led to a huge fight in the street – see clip below.

A10: Marge's sister Patty Bouvier.

Matt Akersten - 18th September 2008