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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Steven's blonde highlights from Sparkle On Sunday
Posted in: Television  3rd December 2007
Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats for Steven Oates and his star guests as we bring you the very best of his live primetime gay show on Alt TV…

 Jeffrey Dahmer: Gay Serial Killer
Posted in: Features, Television  23rd August 2007
TVNZ is about to screen a doco about Jeffrey Dahmer, the gay American serial killer. What sense can we make out of his murderous, sad existence and violent life?

 Checking in with The Outlook team
Posted in: Television  8th August 2007 Podcast: Two of the guys behind TV2's new late-night gay telly show stop by for a revealing chat with George FM's Billy and Bob.

 Talking telly with TV3's Caterina De Nave
Posted in: Television  1st August 2007 Podcast: TV3's Head of Drama and Comedy is quizzed on Outrageous Fortune, Shortland Street, 'Bro Town, getting your television ideas made, and the horror of the word 'placenta'!

 The Outlook so far: Our community reports back
Posted in: Television  5th July 2007
Is our new taxpayer-funded GLBT telly programme any good? We look at the feedback on the first two episodes, and get some burning questions answered…

 Getting to know Levi Bristow
Posted in: Television, Community  20th June 2007
tn_levi_1.jpg podcast: George FM's Billy & Bob speak to Takataapui TV's Levi Bristow about his background, his telly show, Matariki, and the true meaning of the word 'Takataapui'.

 The “Eh Oh!” Interview: Was Tinky Winky gay?
Posted in: Television  6th June 2007
The question that won’t go away, so probed the actor himself for answers and reveals the hot times inside the handbag-wearing purple Teletubby…

 Out and about with dancing star Stefano!
Posted in: People, Television  4th May 2007
Stefano Olivieri from Dancing With The Stars was spotted at an Auckland gay hotspot. He chats about his gay life, his loves, travelling and Suzanne Paul.

 Amercian Idol's big gay closet
Posted in: Television  12th April 2007
With its sappy songs, flamboyant contestants and metrosexual host, American Idol is the campest thing on US TV. But could an openly gay singer win?

 Fluid sexuality on Shortland Street
Posted in: Television  14th March 2007
Shorty Street’s lesbian duo are going through tough times and the ‘new gay guy’ is actually just ‘open-minded’. Are our prime-time pan-sexuals in good hands?