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Wednesday 08 October 2008

Family First: Satellite Lies

Posted in: Comment
By Craig Young - 22nd September 2008

The Christian Right pressure group Family First really should get its facts straight before rushing into print with its UK Christian Right-derived media release "Children as young as five to be taught the pleasures of 'gay sex'". Actually, this is the real story.

According to Family First, a UK LGBT educational conferenceat Exeter Universityis proposing to teach children as young as five about gay sex! They derived this misleading propaganda from the UK "Christian Institute", which is a fundamentalist organisation notorious for its opposition to LGBTrights within the United Kingdom.

However, according to the UK LGBT news provider PinkNews, the conference had nothing at all to do with lesbian and gay sex. In fact, it is targeted at homophobic bullying within schools. It proposes to teach children that some adults feel same-sex affection toward one another and form lasting relationships based on that love, and that this is a process which begins in early puberty, between people of the same age. It is designed to prevent bullying against LGBT teenagers through providing preventative early intervention that encourages LGBT students to remain in education through providing them with affirmative role models for when they're older, and teaches straight students not to stigmatise or exclude their LGBT counterparts.

The Christian Institute has a habit of provding misleading homophobic propaganda. It campaigned against gay adoption in the United Kingdom, for the retention of Clause 28 of Thatcher's Local Government Act 1988, which theoretically prevented local council support of LGBT affirmative social and educational services, and opposed the passage of inclusive anti-discrimination regulations into British employment, accomodation and provision of goods and services law.

One of the key Christian Institute figures who condemned the distorted account was Patricia Morgan, Christian Right and New Right "family values" activist, who attacked LGBT adoption using Paul Cameron's seriously flawed 'social science' in her Children as Trophies (2001).

So, what do the "Christian Institute" and "Family First" really want in this context? Does it want LGBT students to drop out of school due to homophobic and transphobic violence and intimidation? Does it want them on the dole or worse, attempting youth suicide because of this?

As for Family First, it really should learn to do better than rely on the propagandist ravings of a kindred UK Christian Right pressure group and the United Kingdom's gutter press, not exactly noted for their accuracy, objectivity and neutrality.

And remember, John Key says that the Opposition's door is "always open" to this particular pressure group...


Pink News: "Christian Institute Targets Homophobic Bullying Group" (16.09.08):

Craig Young - 22nd September 2008