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Wednesday 08 October 2008

 Sticky Keyboards
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  29th August 2008
All those websites, all those hot profiles to explore! But what happens to us and our social lives when we interact so much online?

 "Hi, my name's Michael & I'm a diseased pariah"
Posted in: Safe Sex, Blogger Zone  15th August 2008
It happened again. He found a guy online, chatted a bit, got on well, and agreed on safe sex. Then he said he was HIV+...

 Foreskins inside out
Posted in: Features, Safe Sex  1st August 2008
Guys – are you cut or uncut? And does it really matter? Mark Farnworth does some research.

 The British Debate on Barebacking
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th July 2008
In NZ, the Prostitution Reform Act ensures sex workers use condoms during vaginal or anal sex... but in the UK, gay male porn stars can get a 'raw deal'.

 Negotiated sex safety: "If only it were that simple"
Posted in: Safe Sex, Blogger Zone  28th March 2008
The idea of 'negotiated sex safety' has lead to gay couples throwing away condoms for years. It's a risky business, writes Michael Stevens.

 Poster Boys showing determination and commitment
Posted in: Safe Sex  26th February 2008
All six of the NZAF's Safe Sex Poster Boys have weathered the 'unsafe sex' controversy with their commitment to the campaign intact.

 Editorial: The complex Poster Boys problem
Posted in: Safe Sex  24th February 2008
We hope the Poster Boys controversy doesn't mean continued disconnection amongst NZ gay men, of whom five more every week learn they have HIV.

 Safe Sex Poster Boys – In Their Own Words
Posted in: Safe Sex  8th February 2008
NZ's new team of six sexy pin-up boys each make personal statements as their official Safe Sex Posters are unveiled.

 Chat opens up secrets of bareback sex
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th February 2008
A new investigation into condom use is proving that men will happily talk about the most extremely personal aspects of their sex lives.

 New 'Grim Reaper' ad targets gay Aussies
Posted in: Safe Sex  10th January 2008
20 years ago, the 'Grim Reaper' HIV awareness TV ad shocked Australia. Now the campaign's had a 'Glam Reaper' makeover for 2008.

 An STI has just rated you as "HOT"...
Posted in: Safe Sex  13th December 2007
The sexual landscape has changed. Gay and bisexual men who don't get real could soon get a nasty surprise...

 When porn 'fantasy' meets reality
Posted in: Features, Safe Sex  24th October 2007
Are Kiwi men seeing unsafe man-love on screen when they visit sex-on-site venues? We asked around at some of New Zealand's hook-up hot spots…

 Editorial: NZ Dating turns a corner
Posted in: Safe Sex  20th September 2007
"NZ Dating are to be congratulated for taking their first step along a journey the gay community started out on over 20 years ago"

 "Caution - This DVD depicts unsafe sex"
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th September 2007
NZ's Chief Censor Bill Hastings explains why he's concerned about the effects of freely-available condomless gay porn. Is it time for a law change?

 Editorial: How do we define "support?"
Posted in: Safe Sex  22nd August 2007
The owner of NZ Dating makes money out of horny gay men. It's time the site genuinely supported the safe sex awareness campaigns that seek to keep those New Zealand gay men alive and well.